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    Is now a bad time to be upgrading my receiver (Denon 3802)?

    Another reason why I'd like to replace mine is the volume control just is too flakey. It doesn't react or reacts way to quickly so to volume jumps around. *Ack* DVD-A/SACD is also a concern for me. But I agree with Jeff. Another thing to think of is what the "price" of the upgrade would be...
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    Columbia House now has Warner DVD-As

    Can someone list the DVD-Audio "part" number? You might be able to use it that way instead...
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    Borders Coupons

    David Lambert could you elaborate on the "no more DVD discounts". The Borders clerk should not laugh at you for using a coupon. BUT IF THEY DO, TALK TO THE STORE MANAGER. Behavior like that should not be tolerated. If the store manager does not resolve it to your satisfaction, I suggust...
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    Paradigm pricing in Canada

    While you are at the Canadian dealer, look into delivery for your speakers. It just might prevent you from going through that tax hassel. I know someone who got some PSB's and they got a better "deal" that way. (don't recall the exact advantage, but I suggust you look into it).
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    Ann Arbor, Michigan area

    Yeah, the one I've been to was a nice set up and the one in October is going to be. I can tell you that there are quite a few people who don't really have a set up but want to see what is possible and how to go about it. I, myself, have a very modest system. I'm looking forward to the home...
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    Ann Arbor, Michigan area

    Hi Jason, I don't usually check around here since it doesn't seem like the "michigan" chapter does much here. So I was quite surprised to see this. If you look on avsforum, you'll see alot of michiganders. In fact, there is a meet on October 5th or 9th or something like that. There have...
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    Diva and Rocket Speakers

    Thanks, Lew Crippen. I do auditioning for (partly) the reason you mention. Let people make there own informed decision. It's also a lot of fun seeing what people play and think. Seems like there are a lot of Michiganders, like EricT and others I know, who move to Texas. I guess some people just...
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    A response to a forum member question

    You didn't start anything. You did nothing wrong.
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    A response to a forum member question

    Humm.... I'm not going to comment on a lot here... since, yes, it is subjective (business practice, retailers, etc). But I will comment on a few things I hope I can help out on. (I'm not an av123 employee, past, present, future (AFAIK :p)).
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    Wiring new house for speakers, help

    Does the builder know you are doing so? Have you planned on them giving you time? Just some things to consider. Also watch how you cross the power lines. 90 degrees is best, if you must. I haven't done pre-speaker wiring but did but spools and spools of RG-6 and CAT 5 into the house, and the...