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    Weekly RoundUp 5-6-2008

    The French Film "La Roue" is considered a classic and is being released Tuesday. Check out Robert Harris comments at Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings by Robert A. Harris. He speaks very highly of this film. So far, I only have seen it available at and...
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    Weekly RoundUp 10-17-2006

    K-Mart is advertising "Over the Hedge" as a low price DVD and includes a Plush Hammy ($7.99 value). My 4-year old granddaughter probably would prefer that to the book, although she loves books too. Anyone know if the Circuit City book is targeted to young children?
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    Weekly RoundUp 10-10-2006

    I picked up Fox and the Hound at Fry's Electronics in Phoenix today for $15.99. That's the lowest price I've seen so far.
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    Nat King Cole goes SACD

    Actually, go to and the tracks for each disc are listed there.
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    Nat King Cole goes SACD

    Supreme Jazz label has Nat King Cole hybrid SACD available from for $6.22 plus $13.50 for shipping. The shipping charge is per order. They also have numerous old recording at the same price. Any one familiar with this label? Here is a link: Supreme Jazz: Nat King Cole
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    SACD at Costco?

    Here is a list of the Living Stereo available at my Costco: Rhapsody in Blue, Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops Hi-Fi Arthur Fiedler, Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops Richard Strauss in High Fidelity, Chicago Symphony Beethoven/Mendelssohn, Boston Symphony Orchestra Van Cliburn, Rachmaninoff...
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    SACD at Costco?

    Can it be? Yes, I was surprised to see a box of Living Stereo SACD hybrid discs at Costco today (at $7.50 each even). That is the first time I have ever seen SACD at a warehouse outlet. I bought two of the Boston Pops discs. Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend.
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    Weekly RoundUp 12-13-2005

    Fry's Electronics in Phoenix has the Marge Head Version of the Simpsons for $26.99. Not sure how long that sale will last.
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    Weekly RoundUp 11-22-2005

    Fry's in Phoenix is advertising Polar Express for $13.99 (One day only) and the item number matches the two disk, wide screen version! Also, K-mart is advertising Buena Vista DVDs tomorrow only for 12.99, including Bambi and Cinderella.
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    Weekly RoundUp 6/7/2005

    Fry's ad today lists the Sopranos Season 5 for $58.99
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    Weekly RoundUp 3/1/05

    Fry's has Bambi listed for $14.99 on Tuesday only. I will try for Best Buy's deal with Thumper. If I don't get that, then on to Fry's.
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    Weekly RoundUp 2/22/05

    Fry's has Get Shorty advertised today for $14.99
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    eagles Hell freezes over dvd

    I do not have DTS, but the uncompressed PCM is terrific. The DVD standard allows for either PCM or dolby digital. I normally will go for the uncompressed soundtracks when it is available.
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    Ultimate DVD X-mas Pack (w/light-up Rudolph) $26.99 at Costco

    The Costco SKU is 586140. I picked this up today in North Phoenix for my 2 year old granddaugther. It was not with the other children's DVDs, but with the box sets.
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    Weekly RoundUp 9/21/04 (FULL & COMPLETE)

    Being a new customer to, I decided to order Star Wars from them and everything went smoothly, except I did have to pay sales tax (inspite of the fact that there is no Coconuts store in Arizona.) Oh well, just under $34 delivered is still an excellent price.