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    The 2nd Cleveland (Ohio) HT Meet Thread!

    George, As of now, it looks like I can make the meet. I'll stay in touch. I'll also let Tim know. Bill
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    Denon receiver models

    Retail sales number vs Wholesale sales number
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    NFL Playoffs in HDTV

    CBS and Sony have teamed-up for all the playoff games and the Superbowl for the HD presentations. Sweet! Sunday's game on AstroTurf looked like a Nintendo game.
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    Bi-amping with 200wpc bottom, 125wpc top??

    When bi-amping the speakers, the only real concideration is if the two amps have a similar gain. if one is too much different than the other, as the pre-amp signal increases, one amp will deliver power at a greater rate than the other. This may or may not be evident, depending on the difference...
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    Newbie needs help buying speakers .....

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the PSB Image Series. A pair of 4T or 5T fronts and an 8C or 9Ccenter. I'm running the 5T's and a 9C center, along with 2B surrounds. It really does rival quite a few higher priced systems for both music and movie sound at a bargin price.
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    PSB 4T and Subsonic 5 vs PSB 7PT

    I'm running PSB 5T's (2x 6-1/2" drivers). The 6T's with 3 drivers...obviously nicer for midrange and lows. But for LFE's and good low extension a 6-1/2" driver isn't going to cut the mustard even with it's own amp. If you're ever goning to want to "feel the feel" and get that great home theater...
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    George, Let me extend thanks from Tim and Myself. Nice place...nice gear! You did a good job of set-up on that projector. Cool!
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    George_W_K Looking forward to tomorrow! Tim is comming with me. What about parking?
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    Receiver + PSB speakers

    I was running the same speakers as Seiken (Subsonic6 sub though) with a Denon AVR-886 (I think thats equal to the 2802).It all ran prety good. With the speakers you have, this should be more than enough. I have since added 2 amps - Acurus 2X 100 and 3X 100. I am bi-amping my front L/R speakers...
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    Ferdinand, The other link wouldn't work for me either but I did check it out on the Yahoo link. Nice stuff! George, Yes Pepsi is fine( I run on regular- any of the un-leaded stuff will gum up the works:)
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    stressed my optical cable too much?

    I may be mistaken but since we are taling about a digital signal here ANY appreciable loss of data would be very noticeable. If you aren't noticing a problem, the isn't one.
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    Ferdinand, I couldn't link to your site with the posted link. The error says that the underscore is an illegal character in the URL.Maybe it's my system. I'd really like to see those pics though. George, I'm a coffee/iced tea and soft drink kind of guy. Nothin special here. Let us know if...
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    Ferdinand, On the front homepage of the site, click where it says... NEW! Click here to see the photos and story of a do-it-yourself home theater that A-V Services helped to create! The homeowner spent less than $10,000 for a room that will provide him and his family many years of...
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    The Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Area Meet Thread V.1

    Hello fellow HT addicts! Thanks for dropping me a line and letting me know about huge loud sounds and great big pictures in my own neighborhood! Time to bore myself (and maybe you as well) with just a little bio… I’m a 1972 graduate of John Marshall High (I’ll assume you know the school)...