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    Best Places To Buy DVD's in Vancouver, BC region?

    Hi Dave , Welcome to Vancouver hope you are enjoying the cooking hot weather.Well this will be the definitive shopping guide to dvd's in Van. so listen up .In no particular order: Future shop - pro-good specials if you're patient ,twopacks for 23 bucks (A.I. & Minority Report for ex.) cons -new...
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    The Dead End Kids

    Nice to see we have some savy posters here who didn't mistake BryanV's Slip Mahoney english bastardisations for spelling errors. I grew up on the Bowery Boys and loved them.It's been a long time but I'm sure their still a riot compared to the lame mainstream gross out comedys that are deemed...
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    criterion rules of the game review

    Absolutely Evan; except its an extensive 24 page booklet that is very informative, although a little hard too read the white on silvery grey background.The contents are briefly described at the bottom of the back of the packaging.Definitely return your copy as this is a really nice booklet and...
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    Warner Please Re-Release The Great Santini

    The Great Santini really needs a new edition! This is a favorite movie of mine and so painful to watch in it's current incarnation.The 1999 dvd release by Warner is sad: pan and scam,horrible debris ridden washed out crap,the sound is as bad mono.I love this movie and I can't get through it in...
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    Is the current version of A Bug's Life different than the OOP version?

    David I have the new version and if memory serves me correct the only difference is the nicer case (slimmer,foil outer sleeve)and a Finding Nemo promo.There are two versions-widescreen and reframed fullscreen.As I have a standard TV I experimented with the reframed version but quickly went back...
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    What's the status of The Enemy Below? 20th Century Fox's War Classics

    Fox is doing a great job in getting so many great movies out to us with such awesome pricing. They for me are turning into a poor mans Criterion. The recent re-pricing of the Studio Classics line has these wonderful extra laden discs going for 12 to 14 Canadian dollars.The war classics and great...
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    DVD's? I Don't Rent. I Own. -- NY Times article

    Dvd is the first format I've collected movies in and have relatively quickly accumulated around 500.I,ve got a few duds but because of prior research before buying am mostly happy with my purchases .I am getting more selective though and less interested in movies that won't improve my collection...
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    Change to DVD pricing structure?

    Here in Vancouver I have definitely noticed the same trend .Higher new release prices and quicker price reductions.I used to feel rewarded by buying early but now I usually feel done when the prices drop so quickly. Best to wait them out unless it's a gotta have.Criterions here are $38 to $70...
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    Warner Classics Quality Going Downhill?

    I really like to thank one and all who offered opinion on this thread. I`m a pretty useless typier so have not posted much but read this forum religiously. You have all added immensely to my knowledge of film and and technical issues.The studio`s should all be tripping over each other to pony up...
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    Warner Classics Quality Going Downhill?

    Well I guess we all agree on two things we all love Warner and we all love classic movies.Owning over 70 Warner titles myself I understand the passionate defence of their product.I myself do not have the resources to own every movie I desire. Consequently when I see reviews that are anything...
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    Warner Classics Quality Going Downhill?

    Robert I think I prefaced my initial post by saying that Warner was my favorite company for dvd`s.I love the overall quality of their work on older movies.If you read your own reviewers comments on the latest wave you will see some pretty strong concerns on video quality ( Mutiny on the Bounty...
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    Warner Classics Quality Going Downhill?

    Am enjoying everyone`s input.As I mentioned I have lots of Warner dvd's and generally love their work.Like many of you dvd has rapidly become a favorite obsession. I still get a thrill when I put an older movie in the machine and the quality is superb.I have managed to accumulate over 500 titles...
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    Warner Classics Quality Going Downhill?

    Let me preface this by saying that Warner is my favorite company for dvd's.I drool over every announcement of a two disc special edition and have bought the majority of them.They get a lot of my dvd cash, hell I even like the cool cardboard snapper cases( just picked up Blow-Up with the eye...
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    Any Ma & Pa Kettle fans out there?

    Haven`t seen these films for years but when I was a kid,in the days of the two channel universe,I would fake sick to stay home from school to watch Ma and Pa Kettle movies.
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    Your thoughts on two Westerns.....

    Ernest you need to lighten up a bit.Re-read the anecdote it was John Wayne who was doing the loud laughing.He obviously was able to laugh at his own right wing personna and liked the fact that Dern had the balls to remind him that he was no hero to some.