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    Matrix Reloaded Deals

    Thank You Grant, You saved me three bucks. I had preordered from DDD for 17.89 and called to discuss/complain that they now carry it for 14.89. The nice Customer Support woman kindly refunded my three dollars. Thanks again for the heads up. Wayne
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    questions and recommendations

    Hello Simon & welcome to the forum, I'll give your questions a shot and if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will step in and straighten us both out. With the your setup as you describe it, the advantage I can think of with hooking all your equipment through a receiver is the ability to record...
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    Cables. Different color, same function?

    Well Bob, your right. After opening my mouth about being able to go to the web site and find out all I ever needed to know about Monster, I found that they tell you very little. Once again I see that the world has taken what could be the greatest information and marketing tool that has even been...
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    Pro Logic receiver

    Tim, the short answer is, it will not handle DD or DTS. But it will handle the normal red and white connections out of the back of a DVD player. You will get sound as good or better then you've ever heard before out of your prologic system but it will not be DD or DTS. Wayne.
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    More DVDs in Cereal Boxes!

    David, thank you for asking Jesse that question. Wayne.
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    Quick Question on the Difference Between Cables

    Doug, I don't mean to ask a smartassed question, but why are you buy component cables. It sounds like for what you are describing, you would be buying composite cables. To be honest, and I don't want this to sound condescending, If I were hooking up the components you are, I would be using Radio...
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    need some input on an onkyo hts650 setup

    perfect Tim. Thank you, Wayne.
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    need some input on an onkyo hts650 setup

    Ryan, What is 'A4Less'. I can't find this site. let me know, thanks. Wayne.
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    S-Video with VCR, and other newbie questions

    Brandon, I think highly of S-video. I used it with a 27" system I put together for my parents last year for Christmas. So I would say yes, but other may think it's overkill for that size TV. Like so much of HT, it's an opinion. Wayne.
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    S-video from cablebox to reciever

    Jesse, The IR port is for the IR Blaster port, this is used by the cable box to control other equipment. The Motorola site indicates that this box could have as an option a optical AC-3 output, if you don't see it, it's not there. The S-Video out is also an option. Be aware that you be getting...
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    S-Video with VCR, and other newbie questions

    Brandon, yes this will work. You might be gaining some interference by porting through the VCR, but I would expect very little. The thing you need to be aware of is that you will have to have your VCR on at all time when playing video games. Otherwise the signal will not get passed on to the TV...
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    Video Cables (RCA vs S-Video)

    Tony, have you tried viewing a tape from your VCR since you set the system up? If you only have on RCA (yellow composite) and one S-Video jack on the back of your TV, I think they might be associated with the same line in. If your TV is smart enough to find the signal that is great. My Sony...
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    Newbie wiring question

    Kevin, you have it exactly right. You should hook your PS2 to your receiver. If you are going to use the PS2 as a DVD player, I would use that position on the receiver. On the back of the Receiver is should have a group of plugs in the input area marked for DVD. You want to plug your PS2...
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    Why do I need a receiver?

    As I understand it, a SA-WM40 is a powered subwoofer "powered 12" subwoofer with 120 watt amplifier". If this is all you were hooking up and you hooked it up to the SUB OUT line level RCA connection at the back of the DVD player you would get low bass rumble at the appropriate times. But you...