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    Paradigm vs. B&W vs. Polk

    I have listened to all of the ones listed in the original question, and personally liked the LSi9's, which is what I have in my HT, which is being driven by the not so powerful onkyo 600 (maybe 35 w honest)and gets loud enough for me. (12X12X9 room) As for efficiency: LSi9's 4 ohm/88 dB 603...
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    Power Output to speakers question

    You dont want to do that. Your reciever doesnt have the logic to drive more than 5.1. If you wanted to add more speakers, you'd need self powered speakers, and extra pre-outs which I also dont think that reciever has, but that will mess up your imaging/staging. You cant really daisy chain...
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    Speaker Suggestions for 2 channel?

    Those Proac's do sound quite nice. The clear woofer/with the copper(?) dust cover is kinda fun to look at, even if the finish is kinda boring. They'd be another great pair to consider. At this kinda price, you're going to want to hear what ever in your house with your stuff. I lugged my...
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    floorstanding vs. bookshelf (2 channel system)

    Lewis: I was actually looking at the VA Haydn's for my 2 channel system. It was going to be either those, or the dynaudio contour 1.3's. I ended up with the GR-Research Criterions, and have been really happy with them. I was hoping to end up with something almost as good as the 1.3's, and now...
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    Speaker Suggestions for 2 channel?

    I'll 3rd something from GR. I have the criterions, and even without blackhole installed yet, I think they sound better than the Dynaudio 1.3's (not sure if the ones were mkII or se), which are quite nice sounding monitors. The Criterions do require alot of juice. My amp is an 85 wpc blue circle...
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    floorstanding vs. bookshelf (2 channel system)

    I've always felt that towers try to be a catchall, but catchall's almost always have to compromise something. If you want the best imaging and the bass extension, why not go with a bookshelf, and a sub. Until you get into car priced speakers, a decent sub will have better/cleaner bass...
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    silver solder

    Is it really worth it? I was thinking about this after I built the XO for my speakers. Everybody concentrates on all the stuff in the signal path down to the level of the solder used. But then... when you look at the cross over, the caps, resistors and what not all have tin leads. I...
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    Jamo Speakers and Subwoofers

    I used to have some E800's. They were pretty decent. I also heard the E610, which I didnt really like. I haven't heard the the towers (670)though. I have heard the subs, and they kinda suck. The E series are nicer, but the X series are kinda their cheaper line. Their higher line is the D series...
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    bookshelfs for $450? Polk Lsi or B&W 602s3??

    I have a 5.1 setup(9's,C,FX) with a sub driven by an Onkyo 600. They sound pretty nice. I think you'd be pretty happy with them. And if you're going to get them for $450/pr, I think you'd be very happy with them esp at that price.
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    bookshelfs for $450? Polk Lsi or B&W 602s3??

    ------------------------------------ Just want to toss out that the Polk's really require a high current amp to even start to approach their potential. They are a pretty heavy load and I've seen them shut down some beefy receivers. ------------------------------------ Uhmmm... no. Your...
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    Brians(rutledge audio) T-1 towers

    I can see wanting to use the center, but won't it sound different than the rest? I would think you'd want to match your center to at least the fronts so that the sound wont change when they move to different speakers and all of your speakers are tonaly similar. Maybe the MK center will blend...
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    Will wood cabinets sound much better?

    Probably worse. Particle board is used because the density is uniform, and it deadens any sound coming from the cabinet, since you want to hear the drivers, and not the box. A plywood has some gaps between the layers, and a solid board is not uniformly dense. A cabinet for the most part just...
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    A/C power cable upgrade

    Chris VenHaus, who had a popular recipe for 83802 PC's has started cooking his own wire and has made it available. It's cheaper than the belden too. http://www.venhaus1.com/diymains.html http://venhaus1.com/VH_Audio_Test.html The plugs are the same/price as the partexpress pieces...
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    Anyone heard GR Research Speakers?

    Ah. Even better. I guess I was just trying to say that if people want to do the GR's, they should not feel too intimidated. There's lots of help and support that comes with that purchase, not just a box of pieces. DIY sounds like it's harder than it is... Well.. at least kit DIY is pretty...