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    Have you watched and listened to Blu-ray DVD concerts?

    Styx & the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland One With Everything Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live
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    Guitar Hero (Les Paul) Guitars on Rock Band for PS3

    Thanks all. Time to pick up RB2 etc.!!!
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    Guitar Hero (Les Paul) Guitars on Rock Band for PS3

    I've read that you can use the Les Paul Guitar Hero guitars with Rock Band 2 on the PS3. Anyone able to confirm?
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    Blu-ray or online streaming?

    Anyone have experience with Netflix on the PS3?
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    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    I've got 3.01 and am suffering freezing during Blu-Rays and Games. Hope it's a firmware issue. My son says the last two upgrades have had issues.
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    Downfalls Of Using Ps3 For Bluray?***

    I would have to agree with full bit rate lossy tracks kicking A. Had to push several items back on the shelf after a week-end of Hellboy II, Tropic Thunder, and Wanted. Just plain ol' DD and DTS at -20dB!
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    Downfalls Of Using Ps3 For Bluray?***

    We've had the PS3 almost a year now and just love it. The media hub, and ability to do wireless updates are really cool. We purchased the PS3 as a BR player, but have gotten into games over the last year. Blockbuster 5 day rentals with a 5 day grace period gives you the time to finish most...
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    Halloween Costumes?

    A good timely couples costume is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I think a classic couples costume is one dresses with camo on the top, the other camo on the bottom and you are an upper and lower GI.
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    Palm device to Blackberry

    I'm currently using Palm for my calendar on the Tungsten and Desktop.
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    Palm device to Blackberry

    iTunes syncs to Blackberry? That could be a game changer. I don't have an Outlook account, will that effect results?
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    Palm device to Blackberry

    Anyone make the Palm OS device to Blackberry jump? It looks like it's possible to migrate the contact/calender data from the Blackberry website, but wonder if it works as advertised. I currently have a Palm Tungsten E and am considering the Blackberry Curve.
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    Pssst, howdja like to win a copy of Discovery & Image 'When we left Earth' on Blu?

    John Glenn Had the GI Joe Mercury capsule that came with the shiny silver suit and helmet that actually plugged into the capsule! I played the red plastic 45 of audio from the Friendship 7 mission over and over till I could recite it from memory. “The clock is operating, and I feel fine.”
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    Apocalypse Now, anyone?

    Any chance of getting Hearts of Darkness too?
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    On-Line Multiplayer Question

    Not sure about the scores being recorded, but I believe that the name you log on as when the PS3 boots up is the name you "play" under, regardless of game.
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    Your first real "Wow" moment with BD

    Cars. Like others have said, it "jumps" off the screen. Still working on upgrading to HDMI for audio. This thread has me thinking about budget bustin' Damn, should have never started.