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    Semi-Tough TV Show question

    Looking into IMDB, I read that the short-lived TV Show version of Semi-Tough was produced by Universal TV. However, the movie it was based on was produced by United Artists (during the Transamerica era). What's up with that?
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    The Birth of Home Recording

    I'm glad to see this thread revived. Recently, I've been interested in learning more about the home video company that started it all, Andre Blay's Magnetic Video Corporation. In addition to making deals with Fox, they also made deals with United Artists, AVCO/Embassy, Viacom, ABC Video, ITC...
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    Sony seems to be doing fine with shout. Although neither party has disclosed an official statement, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that there is bad blood between Shout and Fox, despite any nonsense another poster may claim. There hasn't been a new DVD from Shout licensed from...
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    I wish Shout would rekindle their completely shattered relationship with Fox, and release the final season. But Mike Dunn is nothing but a "you-know-what", so it will never happen in our lifetimes.
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    Not a Snowball's Chance

    Peter Marshall said in his book that 3,500+ tapes were discovered of HS. But it was never proven that there were some daytime ones in there, as for all we know, some of them could have been copies, as before the days of satellite broadcasting, syndicated programs were bicycled.
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    CHINA BEACH IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think maybe a few Beatles songs here and there. I remember a few from during the shows' run.
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    M*A*S*H Season Sets

    It's been speculated that it could have something to do with outdoor filming, and that much, if not all of the dialogue on the show, was re-recorded by the original actors in post-production, before the episodes could be aired.
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    Laverne & Shirley: The Complete Sixth Season ... FINALLY coming to DVD, May 21st, 2013!!!

    Season 6 was the first L.A. season, often considered the ultimate "Jump the Shark" moment.
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    Burke's Law/Honey West

    Fox can go to "you-know-where" for all I care.
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    Too bad. The official DVDs were probably the only place to watch them uncut. Good luck looking for uncut episodes on 16mm on Ebay.
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    Dobie Gillis Coming from Shout Factory

    BTW, Kasey claimed on Shout Factory boards that I started the rumor. I didn't start the rumor! I swear I heard it from another user on this site! I was just going by what he was saying and was led to believe it was the truth!
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    Dobie Gillis Coming from Shout Factory

    So I guess it was all just a stupid rumor then. Fox and Shout's relationship with each other didn't go south after all.
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    Adam-12's pilot episode question

    I was going through Ebay one day, when I found a call sheet for a filming day of an Adam-12 episode. It was for the 1967 pilot episode (better known by its alternate title "Log 1: The Impossible Mission"). Full details right here...
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    twelve o'clock high

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    Good News about Complete Bob Newhart Show (see Post 90)

    Mike Dunn is a failure of epic proportions.