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    Problems with disc 2 of Oz: Season 3?

    Hi! Has anyone experienced difficulties with disc 2 not playing properly? For some reason my player doesn't want to play episode 5: "U.S. Male". No problems with any of the other discs or episodes. I have a Pioneer DV-535 player.
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    Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas: Criterion -- specs are out!

    Dvdsoon.com has it for $42.98 CAD.
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    Merged Thread For All AOTC DVD Problems; Please Post All DVD Related Problems Here.

    I am having problems with the upper right corner of the picture. It looks like everything that is supposed to be straight is sloping and crooked. It is noticeable troughout that entire movie. Every building, tower and things like that look very sloping. Things that definitely should be straight...
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    Animal House Collectors Edition DVD?

    Does anyone know where i could still find this OOP title? Thanks in advance, Veli-Matti
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    Clear DVD Double Amaray Cases

    Anyone know if US Plastic ships internationally? Didn't find any info about that on their website.
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    M*A*S*H Season 3 Date!!!

    Great news. They really should speed-up these releases. 3 seasons a year would be really nice.
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    Help me expand my war collection

    You might wanna check out Hart's War.
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    1993 Disney DVD version of The Three Musketeers looks muddy and grainy in some parts.

    The transfer is rather poor. It contains quite a lot of grain that is very noticeable. They definitely should redo this title but i don't think that will happen any time soon. I know most people hate this version but i think it's great although i must admit it is indeed very cheesy.
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    "Trees Lounge" Special Edition DVD Question

    The widescreen version of Trees Lounge is avaliable at dvdsoon. I don't think it contains the commentary or any other supplement material but at least it's OAR and pretty cheap unless it's not a missprint. If you look closely on the cover you'll notice it says "widescreen version". I presume...
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    Salo CC vs Salo R2

    Since the criterion version of this masterpiece is almost impossible to find anymore except through ebay where you'll be forced to pay ridiculous amounts for it if you somehow manage to land the winning bid. From what i've read and heard the transfer looks great and i wouldn't mind owning a copy...
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    Validity of this Criterion SotL?

    The image didn't seem to work... Try this link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=1563375783
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    Validity of this Criterion SotL?

    I am pretty sure it's the genuine thing after looking at the images. The only SoTL bootlegs i've seen are those with the "alternate, very rare" Anthony Hopkins sitting in the cell cover. Which looks completely different. Also i think the bootleg in question has a DTS option unlike the original...
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    Movies with Woman superheroes...

    Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy :D