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    How big HD for MP3 music collection?

    The simple and short answer: Figure about 100MB per CD (using LAME's --r3mix setting). Since most CDs actually work out to about 70 - 90MB, that'll leave signifcant space for expansion, especially if you have a huge CD collection. As for backup, the ideal solution in my view would be to set up...
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    'Reply to Topic' redundancy

    On the 'Reply To Topic' page, there is an IFRAME showing the thread you are replying to (so you can review the topic). Immediately below that is a 'topic review' section which shows you the last 30 posts in the thread you are replying to. That strikes me as redundant, and a waste of bandwidth...
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    looking to buy complete Direct TV system, just a couple questions

    DirecTV has two HD channels; HBO-HD and HDNet. HDNet is a part-time sports-oriented channel. At night it gives way to HD-PPV movies. There is no other content in HD (except a demo HD channel). If you are looking for HD content, Dish Network may be a better choice. They have HBO-HD, SHO-HD, a...
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    Direct Tv Help?

    A home phone line is also required for certain sports subscriptions so they can verify your location. This is so that they can set the correct blackouts and such for your area.
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    What is Dish Doing to Support Local into Local?

    On December 27, DirecTV will be adding several Local channels to fulfill their must-carry requirements (see below). If you get locals now, you won't have to do anything to get these new channels. They'll just appear. This is thanks to the new spot-beam satellite they launched last month. On...
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    I'm having a problem running an old LucasArts game on my PC - can anyone help?

    "Bernard, float over here so I can punch you!" Classic stuff. It's easy to dual-boot Dos 6.2 and XP. Simply install Dos 6.2 first, then install XP on a different partition.
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    WinXP - Difference between Full and Upgrade?

    It's important to note that you will not be able to install a Windows XP upgrade from scratch if you have one of those recovery CDs that companies like Compaq and HP supply with their PCs. This does not mean you can't do a clean installation - you can still do that. However, it means you must...
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    Any XP Horror Stories?

    Yes it does, but the only way to get that legally is to buy a minimum 5-pack Open License, which involves giving detailed information to Microsoft (such as your address, phone number, etc.) So if they see your product keys online or if they suspect, they can come after you. Plus it's really...
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    Windows XP vs. ME

    Oh, this is not even a valid question. XP all the way. In a heartbeat. Without even thinking about it. It's just so much more stable, feature-rich and easy to use. Windows Product Activation is overblown. I've detailed it in this thread. It's a two-minute operation to activate, and then you...
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    Any XP Horror Stories?

    That feature is called Windows Product Activation. When you first install Windows XP, you will be given a 30 day period in which you may use it without activating it. After that 30 days are up, you will be unable to log in without activating first. Activating involves Windows reading various...
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    OS-X versus Windows XP

    I think both OSes are so good that you can't really go wrong with either. It all boils down to whether you want a Mac or a PC. I am a PC user predominantly, and I've been using Windows XP since the Release Candidate stage. Quite frankly, I think it's a dream OS. It simply does not crash. In...
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    ZoneAlarm is one scary piece of software!

    One somewhat major disadvantage of hardware routers is they don't stop trojan horses from communicating with the outside world, something ZoneAlarm does. The optimal solution would be to have a hardware router, but also Zone Alarm on each machine set to Low security mode.
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    Buying software license used?

    It's all in the End User License Agreement your friend 'signed' when he installed the software or bought the license. Generally though, companies will let you transfer licenses as long as the part in question was not an OEM part. Of course, your friend would have to delete all copies of the...
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    Building a PC.. How do you choose?

    I'd really recommend going to various hardware sites like AnandTech, Tom's Hardware Guide, Link Removed and others, and just browse around and look at stuff for a couple of weeks. The choices out there may seem baffling at first, but once you determine what you want the PC to do, the range of...