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    Universal Studios catalog titles....

    I second the need for a decent release of The Wizard. Even a $9.99 bargain release would suffice, as long as it was OAR. Also Preston Sturges titles like The Great McGinty and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, not to mention Sirks like Magnificent Obsession and The Tarnished Angels. And how about...
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    The Mirror Has Two Faces why doesn't a WS version exist?

    I bought Mirror Has Two Faces from the $5.50 bin at Wal-Mart roughly a year ago, and it's a WS/PS flipper. It's sad to hear they've been re-issuing titles full screen only. I'd pick up Sweet and Lowdown for 5 bucks, but I haven't seen the widescreen version available in months. I'd say check...
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    Once and Again - Season 2?

    Jon, Mischa Barton played Evan Rachel Wood's girlfriend in the third season, and who knows when that will make it to DVD. I've been aching for season 2 since season 1 came out, and like you can't bring myself to watch season 1 again until the next one comes out. With such obscure...
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    "The Innocents" needs a DVD release!

    That definitely seems like it would make a great Studio Classics release. Terrific performances from Pamela Franklin and Deborah Kerr. If they can put out Return to Peyton Place, they can surely give this one a try. Tyler Ruggeri
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    Jim Henson's "The Witches" needs an OAR upgrade fast!

    It should be brought up at the Warner chat next week. I would love to see this out in OAR and would pick it up in a second. Tyler Ruggeri
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    Bette Midler's Gypsy for under $8.00

    I have the original pressing of this disc from Pioneer and Artisan. I got it about two years ago before it went OOP. Yesterday I saw the new version from Lion's Gate, and according to the back cover they have added a commentary track with the executive producers. Can anyone attest that this has...
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    Strange DVD malfunction -- Road Trip

    I've been searching online for the number for DreamWorks Home Video customer service and can't find it. Should I be contacting Universal instead? This disc came out in 2000, and wasn't Universal acting as the home video distributor for DreamWorks? Any info would be much appreciated. Tyler Ruggeri
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    Strange DVD malfunction -- Road Trip

    I put in my copy of Road Trip tonight (bought it when it first came out). I've watched it several times over the years with absolutely no problem. The disc has two thumbprints and a few very minor scratches, but overall any surface damage to the disc is minimal and barely visible. It loaded...
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    Young Adam DVD edited?

    First of all, my bad with the Blockbuster comment. Since I started using their online service (and going into the store to redeem the free rental coupons), I've noticed that they stock almost all widescreen and all unrated cuts when available. If you had told me that would happen 2-3 years ago...
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    Weekly RoundUp 9/14/04

    Beware, everyone: as discussed in the software forum, Young Adam does not contain the NC-17 theatrical cut, only an edited R-rated version. However, the altered scene in question is presented on the disc as an "extended scene" extra. Seems Columbia wanted to be able to please both the purists...
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    Creepy Kids' Films

    Definitely The Witches for me. Scared the bejesus out of me when I was younger. Whoever thought to let Nicholas Roeg direct a kids' movie? Brilliant idea. I still think Gilliam should be doing the new Willy Wonka. I'll also second Labyrinth as well. Tyler Ruggeri
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    Young Adam DVD edited?

    Hmm, to buy or not to buy? I most likely won't, or will at least wait until I can buy a used copy cheap. Maybe the player's program feature could be used to substitute the uncut dock scene with the R-rated version, but that's still a bit of a hassle. Extremely clever of Columbia. If they put...
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    Young Adam DVD edited?

    I was watching the previews on my Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring DVD (excellent film, btw) and noticed that the Young Adam trailer advertises that the film is rated R, and after the trailer there's a brief "R-rated version available on video and DVD" disclaimer. Sony Classics...
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    20th Century Fox's 'Studio Classics' DVD Series

    I'm definitely waiting not so patiently for Leave Her to Heaven. Don't forget about Laura, too. Does anyone know when that's coming back on the schedule? Tyler Ruggeri
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    20th Century Fox's 'Studio Classics' DVD Series

    I saw Jean Brodie for the first time on AMC many years ago and have also seen it on VHS, and not once has the song "Jean" (with vocals) been included as part of the film. It is, however, the main theme of the movie, and plays instrumentally many times throughout the film. So basically, you're...