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    Will we see a Tombstone in UHD 4K ?

    Any word if we will see a 4K version of TOMBSTONE? Preferrably the directors cut version in 4k.
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    UPDATE The Abyss and True Lies --4K Now Possibly In 2019 (See Post #69)

    What is the latest on this film "The Abyss" coming to BR & 4K UHD?? Will we see this anytime soon?
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    Hardware Review SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer Review

    Question for you guys: I've been saving up for upgrading my old subs, and thinking of getting a SB16 Ultra. I have just enough money to only get 1 of these big boys, but I know the importance of having duals. Should I go ahead now and buy my first SB16, AND THEN save my money to buy my 2nd...
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    SVS SB-4000 vs PB-4000 ?

    John, thanks for your input. I'm leaning more and more toward the sealed 4000. However, for my little room, they'll do great, but if and when I ever move and my next HT room is bigger, how will the sealed ones perform you think? I'd like to be done with buying subs for a very looong time.
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    SVS SB-4000 vs PB-4000 ?

    I just sold a pair of Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers. I had them for about 9 months and now have the upgrade bug. These were a 12" ported cabinet w/ 800watt amplifier. They sounded pretty good but I still feel that I am missing low end in my BR movie watching. I want to feel the movie as well as...
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    New SVS 4000 Series Subs 'Shake Audio World's Foundation'

    My room isn't very big, it's only 13'x14'x9' . I think the ported version would be too much. I only got the ported version klipsch because of the deal I got on them. I have since sold my pair of Klipsch R-112's, and thinking of going back to a sealed sub like I had with a 18" Velodyne years ago...
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    Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer (Pair)

    I have two 'practically brand new Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers I want to sell. I bought these in Mar 2017. Used occassionally since then. I have original boxes and manuals. I want to upgrade to something else so I would like to part from these before I get something else. I am only selling as a...
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    New SVS 4000 Series Subs 'Shake Audio World's Foundation'

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a pair of these subwoofers. I currently have the Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers, if I upgrade to a pair of these, what improvement in bass will I get from them? also, not sure if I should go sealed or ported? any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks,
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    Will we see a Tombstone in UHD 4K ?

    Has there been any new updates regarding a possible UHD version or a better improved BR of this movie?
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    Under $1000 Subwoofer Review Thread

    Craig, I'm also considering possibly going with dual Klipsch R-112SW's. They don't go quite as low as the 2000's, but for my small space I think these might satisfy too. Plus, Klipsch.com has a great deal going right now... if you purchase a set of their RP-280F towers, the throw in a free 112SW !
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    Under $1000 Subwoofer Review Thread

    I'm considering buying 2 - SVS SB-2000's for my 13'x14'x9' size room. These will be working in conjunction with my two Klipsch RP-280F towers. I'm hoping the bass response I get from these two puppies will satisfy and make my BR movies sound amazing for this space.
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    For Sale: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector

    Will you come down anymore than this ???
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    New HT-converting bedroom to Home Theater

    The attached jpeg files in the initial post are now viewable anymore. Can you repost these pictures of your room?
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    My speaker choice for HT room?

    Hey everyone, I'm in the beginning stages of putting together a 5.2.4 HT setup in an upstairs media room. It measures 13'x14' w/ 9' ceiling. It is an enclosed room with 1 small window and it will have double exterior insulated doors to help keep the sound level to a minimum to the rest of the...
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    Go with SVS Ultra Towers or SVS Ultra bookshelves ?

    I've read and heard online reviews of the SVS Ultra towers and bookshelf speakers. Both models are very impressive from what I could gather from all reviewers that I came across reviewing this line. I heard one online reviewer say just get the two bookshelf models and you'll be totally happy...