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    Entourage season 3 (Parts 1 and 2)

    Favorite scene: Vince sipping his cocktail as all hell breaks loose. :)
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    Why not show Simpsons Halloween specian ON HALLOWEEN?

    the aliens are over-used in TOH now. ugh.
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    ER season 11 thread

    Killing off Romano was the best thing I've seen done on Television. Ever. Gave me hope for the show.
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    Oscars 2004 in HDTV

    HDNation.com Academy Awards HDTV 720p Screenshots Feel free to comment on any of the images you see here. It was fun capturing them, and its even more fun to share them!
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    *** Official BIG FISH Discussion Thread

    Sounds like someone needs a hug. :D I think this film will resonate with many who have 'father issues' and go in expecting to see a good film. I think it will not with those who go into the film with preconceived notions and go in expecting to see a good 'Tim Burton' film with 'Danny...
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    24: Day 3 - 1/6/03 - Hour 9

    after two or three solid episodes, this one gets a solid 'meh' hope next week is better.
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    Average Joe: Hawaii (on-going thread)

    it looks like they went out of their way to find 'hunky' guys with zero sensitivity or brains but lots of ego. exactly the type pageant bimbos deserve. fun watching the nerds make all the same mistakes i did. if what i did is on tv, it must have been right!
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    I saw this movie on HBO-HD when it was in heavy rotation. I must not have an artistic bone in my body....I thought it was horrible. I sat through it because of the INCREDIBLE detail and cinematography of the landscapes and the drop dead clarity of the HD transfer. It would be interesting to...
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    NATALIE PORTMAN as LOIS LANE in the new Superman

    How about Debra Messing for Lois? Wouldn't work with a teenage superman, but she could definitely fit the bill.
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    *** Official "IDENTITY" Discussion Thread

    Even in the context of a serial killer's mind, how in the world can a 8 year old kid ram a baseball bat BACKWARDS down a convicted killer's throat? I was let down that it was less than a paranormal killer after seeing that scene (which was cool before I knew who the killer was).
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    24: Day 3 - 12/09/03 - Hour 7

    Why do you say that?
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    24: Day 3 - 12/09/03 - Hour 7

    For the faintest moment just before the beeper went off, I thought to myself: Jack is the mole. Jack is really after 50 Million dollars. Jack is cashing his chips and Chase is going to have to turn him back somehow. But that would piss off everyone in the world except me, so it won't happen...
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    Ed 12/10/03

    If its another dream sequence I'm going to be pissed off. I'm already pissed off. First two seasons were genius. Season three was half good, then half desperate to save its own ass. Season four is a completely different show. The writers (possibly the producers...) are unwilling to risk a new...
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    Er 12/04/03

    I think they are setting Abby up for a realization that nursing is her true calling.
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    Alias - 11/30/03 - Conscious

    Who is the trippy drugged up chick?!? I mean...besides Sidney... :P HAWT.