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    Two Gamecube games for sale (minimally played)

    Hi, I'd like to sell two games for the Nintendo Gamecube: Both games have only been played a few times. I take excellent care of all my digital media so no scratches whatsoever. They play great and packaging is in excellent condition on both items. I will sell Starfox Assault...
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    King Kong Production Diary Set for Sale (viewed only once)

    Hi, this is the first item I've sold on here. I'd like to sell my edition of the Peter Jackson King Kong Production Diary. It has been viewed only once. Here is a picture of the item: The only catch is I do not have the art cells that came with it. My father's a huge fan of all...
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    Any news on a Region 1 edition of Godzilla: Final Wars?

    I was a little worried that would be the case. With so much to cram into the supposed last Godzilla film, that was bound to happen. I still want to see it for myself though.
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    Any news on a Region 1 edition of Godzilla: Final Wars?

    Has anyone heard a rumor or just anything in general about Godzilla Final Wars coming to DVD. I'd assume since it's a pretty high profile title that Sony would be trying to release it on Region 1 as fast as possible (to curve the oncoming swarm of bootleg discs).
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    Is there an Anamorphic Mortal Kombat in any region?

    I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the rights to the film. Although I would assume New Line owns the rights to the film, just not the rights to a new sequel.
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    Is there an Anamorphic Mortal Kombat in any region?

    Talk about a missed opportunity. The 10th anniversary of Mortal Kombat has come and gone (August 18, 1995) and no decent edition has been released. I know this probably isn't regarded highly in the film community but it is a fun piece of entertainment. I was 9 when I saw this film for the...
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    I actually noticed this problem at the cinema as well. Curiously enough I noticed it on one of the two prints we received, the first one I saw did not have this problem.
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    BATMAN (1989) & sequels (STREET DATE: Oct. 18, 2005)

    I'm sure the font and title choice was made to give all four a unifying look.
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    ***Official George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead" Thread

    I feel the same way as Colton. To say I am a fan of the Dead films is an understatement. I've been anxiously awaiting Land for what seems to be an eternity. There was just not enough story, not enough involvement with the characters. The zombie effects were great but I just didn't care about...