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    Boston Acoustic's new - and ugly - speaker series

    As part of D&M holdings, it appears that Boston is now more a lower end/lifestyle brand with Snell carrying on the upper end range (still Made in the USA, by the way).
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    Seperate speakers for Music and Theater

    If it works for you, then just do it.
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    what do you recomand

    What components are you looking for for your $300?
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    And even if they are the exact same speaker, if the manufacturer doesn't match the speaker to tight tolerances, they will sound differently.
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    No. The other aspect that you need to consider is dispersion.
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    Fluance .........Premier Acoustic........or?

    Maybe you should read all the negative said about Premier Acoustics and choose another brand? Bic Acoustech might be a good choice.
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    MK sound is it dead?

    Well, excellent speakers won't overcome bad management, and in the case of M&K that's where the problem lay, as far as I can tell. You don't have "supplier" problems unless you don't pay the bills. They used fairly standard drivers (Vifa and such) and apparently were unable to obtain them...
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    MK sound is it dead?

    Web site is still up as of a minute ago. M&K is still dead...
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    Need opinions: Orb vs Klipsch Cinema 10 vs SVS SBS-01

    Did you think after talking to Ron of SVS that he'd give you the impression that it was a crummy system for the price?:)
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    The guy is relentless, not just here but no AVS as well.
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    It looks like Outlaw is now in the speaker business

    Arthur: I'm not talking cabinets but the ability to pair match speakers to a reference. That is easier to do when speakers are produced in small batches and tested individually. I'm not sure how many Chinese factories do this (individually test each speaker off the line), but I know that many...
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    It looks like Outlaw is now in the speaker business

    Sure, but it is much harder to control quality (the +/- 1/2 db matching for instance) building them in Asia.
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    Control 1X and ONE

    Will you now give it a rest?
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    loudspeaker vs. satellite speaker

    Not sure if it's within the comprehension of a caveman.