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    polk rt800s fs

    What finish are the 800's? Shipping to 85748? Thanks Tom
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    SVS Questions

    The ULD-15 was expensive and highly rated in its time. It was an audiophile product before Velodyne became a mass market product. Reviews are all excellent. I just have no reference to compare it to SVS. It has developed a rattle or popping sound at idle. However, if I lay it on its side with...
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    SVS Questions

    I currently have an old Velodyne ULD-15 (15" driver) that is beginning to have problems. The ULD-15 was high end at one time and seems to perform well. If I replace it I would like to see a drastic improvement. Does anyone have any idea how these old Velodynes perform compared to an SVS...
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    Looking for Alias S2, 3, 4 (& others); many to trade

    Alias Season 4 will not ship until 10/25. Amazon has preorder with free shipping for $38.99 Tom
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    WTB:Hero, Downfall, House of Flying Daggers

    I picked it up this evening. Thanks for the Tip. Tom
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    WTB:Hero, Downfall, House of Flying Daggers

    Thanks Tom
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    LCD vs Plasma

    Has anyone compared the Sharp LC-45GX6U 45" LCD to Plasma displays. My understanding is that LCD displays exceed the quality of plasma and do not have burn-in, heat and power consumption issues.
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    Don't like direct-rad surrounds. Why do you?

    Has anyone tried M&K tripoles? Do they really bridge the gap between direct and bipole? Thanks
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    Want to know a typical audio equipment sales margin?

    Just pay your tax and margin. I know we all would hate to see Britney give up the $7000.00 a night hotel rooms!
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    Looking to Buy an Internal DVD Burner...

    Yes, VCD is low quality. The Sony DRU510A/DWU12A and the Pioneer DVR-A06 both can write all formats. Try Newegg.com or Googlegear.com. Tom
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    FYI http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...122515&loc=111
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    Which is a "safer" bet: Going the DVD-R/RW route or +R/+RW route?

    Alf, Check out this deal at buy.com. XP50 and the SA-XR10S receiver for $299.00 with $50.00 rebate. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...122515&loc=111
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    Which is a "safer" bet: Going the DVD-R/RW route or +R/+RW route?

    Ron, The manual of my XP50 says that it will play DVD-Ram and DVD-R but not + or - RW. It does not mention DVD+R. Do you know if the XP50 will read DVD+R? Thanks Tom
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    Where to buy an RP-91 and what to look for.

    Newegg.com lists them at $289.00 Tom
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    WTB: Computer Motherboard

    Here is a good deal on a once high end board. http://store.yahoo.com/justdeals/ascusmotsoc31.html