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    Was it Divx?

    I was curious about that too. It's like Ford coming out with a model called Edsel. Or selling Chevy Novas in Mexico, Novas means "no go". The CEO of circuit city got fired by the shareholders and the consumer bascially ignored the product. It was introduced during DVDs infancy and really...
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    Confused by Denon 3803

    Blame it Denon. I have a master's degree in electrical engineering and I can't stand the manual either (3300). I am not surprised that the 3803 would be baffling.
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    How much does it cost to find out you're a moron?

    $1.98 My Denon Rx was not working. It would either not respond to the remote or would respond in a weird fashion. Before I returned to unit (it was only a month old), I posted on the forum asking if anyone else had problems with their Denon receiver - until someone asked me "Did you try...
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    AOL's Mystro (another divx)

    Far from it. Divx was marketing disaster directed at the wrong consumer with the wrong technology at the wrong time. PPV and VOD have different markets and business philosophy. Plus, I think Mystro TV doesn't "insert" adds, I think it just doesn't allow the viewer to skip them at a push of a...
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    Receiver choice?

    Go with the Denon. Everywhere I have shopped have stated that H/K is having problems and their quaility is suffering.
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    Why use a separate CD player and DVD player?

    I always like to have a dedicated CD player since my receiver can't read my mind on playback preferences. I like to use some DSP processing on my CDs, where as DVDs are stricly Dolby Digital or DTS. I hate have having to switch between different sound processing and settings going back and forth...
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    Overheating Components

    Rob, Sorry to hear about your loss, at least it gives you an excuse to upgrade. I have the same receiver and a similar oak cabinet set up. I noticed real soon that the electronics warm up quite quickly. Bob gives some good suggestions. Heat is electronics worst enemy. I have a 12V fan...
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    BP30's and SVS

    I think I replied to another thread but... The short answer is yes. I am very impressed with my DT set up: 2004TLs 2002CLR and BP2Xs The only suggestions is to make sure that the driver compliment is identical across the front, preferable all the way around. I made the mistake of buying...
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    What Receiver for Definitve Technology Towers?

    I've got my 2004's on a Denon 3300. I've also heard Yamaha's are pretty good sounding with DefTech
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    Wanted: Your Opinions on Def Techs

    delete duplicate. Sorry
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    Wanted: Your Opinions on Def Techs

    I purchased the following, sight unheard, due to recommendations from this forum, and unfortunately, a "HT Magazine", (something about strapping rocket to your chair): BP2006TL's C/L/R 2002 BP2X (Wanted BPX, but no stock) I have them paired with a Denon 3300 receiver. I was so happy and...
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    FYI: Enron Auction at Dovebid

    Paul, (hee-hee he said "butt" ) How does the shipping work? They say on the website that you need to arrange that yourself? Tom
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    FYI: Enron Auction at Dovebid

    Rick, If you can't make it, dovebid will take proxy bids in advance.
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    FYI: Enron Auction at Dovebid

    Chuck, Some pretty cool stuff. My friend signed up for the auction and might bid for one of the HD plasma monitors. I am looking at and amp and a flat screen computer monitor. I don't think most of this stuff will "go for cheap" - dovebid might require a minimum reserve bid. But it don't cost...
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    FYI: Enron Auction at Dovebid

    Gentlemen, A friend forwarded this to me. The bankrupt Enron Corp has enlisted dovebid ( to offload some high-end consumer electronics. Including, Plasma TVS, RPTV, direct-view TVs, DVD players, computer equipment. Lots of cool stuff...