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    Exclusive SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Giveaway

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    3D Inside Out 3D Bluray

    Now if only Pixar would do a US Region A release of Ratatouille.
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    3D Inside Out 3D Bluray

    It looks like Disney is releasing a Collector's Edition of Inside Out on 3D bluray. After not releasing Frozen or Big Hero 6 domestically in 3D (granted both were from Disney Animation Studios and not Pixar), hopefully this is a sign that Disney will continue to support the format as they have...
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    Weekly RoundUp 1-20-2009

    Mike, another Cuse alum here. "The Express" was very good. Not great, but good. Having grown up with Ernie's story, I was hoping it would be in the "best sports move ever" type of category. I was a little disappointed that it didn't meet those lofty expectations, but it was still an under-rated...
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    Digital Cable Amplification Question

    So I'm finally retiring my 5 year old CRT Zenith 4x3 HDTV that has served me quite well (I purchased it as a stopgap until plasma prices dropped), and I'm finally plunging into a better world. My CRT HDTV was a monitor and did not have an ATSC or QAM tuner. I am planning on purchasing a...
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    Coming back to HT, a little help

    First, a quick bit of background: Some may remember me from a Loooong time ago, as I used to be a fairly active member of this forum and even felt that I knew enough to dispense the occasional advice. Sadly, I haven't been keeping up in the past 4-5 years as "real life" has gotten in the way of...
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    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    I may be the only sports fan who saw this, but check out this pic of Syracuse football's new head coach Greg Robinson. If this doesn't scream "Han Solo frozen in carbonite," I don't know what does. Coach Solo
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    Serious Stability Issues

    Bill- I'm no expert by any means, but I would first take Kimmo's advice and try with one stick of memory at a time. Sounds like it could be a bad stick of RAM (I've had similar problems before and that was my problem). If that doesn't work, go to the website of the Mobo (to the faq section)...
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    Financial question...

    Jon_Are, that is classic. Never heard that one before
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    Does Ron-P's Signature make you want to have a cold one every time you see it?

    I'm enjoying a beer, and I was reminded of this fine thread started by yours truly 4 years ago. It occurs to me that Ron needs to bring back the sig that started it all. I understand that HTF beer consumption has dropped by over 50% since ron changed his sig. For the love of all things holy...
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    NCAA 2005 March Madness Pick'em League/Discussion thread

    What's unfortunate from a Syracuse perspective is that throughout his career, he has always been money in big games and at the end of games. He's hit so many clutch shots at the end of a game (even if he had an off night the rest of the night)...and he had two chances to win the game tonight at...
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    NCAA 2005 March Madness Pick'em League/Discussion thread

    I am currently on suicide watch after the Cuse/VT game. I just keep chanting to myself "2003, 2003, 2003"....but no matter what happens, I'm still missing all the nails on my fingers, I feel like yakking up my pizza, and I suddenly feel like watching movies instead of basketball. That's why I'm...
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    Sling Blade: Director's Cut - Special Edition - JUNE 7th

    Wow- With Back to the future, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones out, my Sling Blade Criterion was the last remaining LD that I would occasionally give a spin. Sounds like a great release, I can't wait! The commentary is pretty good from the LD too. John Ritter will be missed in the documentary...
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    You think this can be true? Star Wars soundtracks on multi-channel SACDs??

    Someone explain to me a DSD mixed CD. Will it come out multichannel like an SACD? Is it a stereo mix that has the surround matrixed properly as if it were discrete? Help! Need to know whether to drop a few more bills tonight on my trip to the store.