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    FS: Gateway 500XL + 18" LCD monitor

    I think I'm going to try eBay ... I'll let you know if that doesn't pan out.
  2. Tom Meyer

    FS: Gateway 500XL + 18" LCD monitor

    For sale, as I'm lusting after the new 17" Powerbook and I'm sick of sitting in my office to use the computer. $1000. Approximately comparable current model (5200S) goes for about $1600 w/ this config (not including software). I also have an IKEA rolling cabinet if you're interested...
  3. Tom Meyer

    Do you tip a cleaning lady??

    I don't tip my cleaning people. They are independent and come every other week. They charge $60 for probably an hrs work. $30/hr is plenty. I gave them another $60 for the holidays.
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    Separated - How to Reach Out to Kids?

    well, since I've never been in therapy, that's all I know. And if the parents have truly "botched their jobs" while they were actually in love, how in the holy hell would they do any better when they really can't stand each other ? Happily divorced parents are infinitely better for children than...
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    Separated - How to Reach Out to Kids?

    Not much to offer except the following: 1) I have never, EVER heard of any "public" (ie Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Dr. Phil, etc..) therapist say that people should "stay together for the kids". Patently stupid, IMHO. 2) What did you talk about w/ your daughters when things were going OK ? It...
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    What the most humane way to euthanize a fish?

    damn, someone beat me to it >.. ;) losing a pet sucks. sorry about your loss.
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    Are SanDisk Compact Flash Cards Good?

    yes, they are reliable brand. The Ultra II and Extreme versions are very fast but I'm not sure you'd need it w/ your camera as it probably can't shoot faster than it can write to the card the way some DSLRs can (eg Nikon D70, Canon 20D, etc..)
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    Fantasy Football 2004 Discussion and Advice

    I dunno, the only team Bulger hasn't shredded so far as been SF. He's done really well against better defenses as well: 264/2 vs. TB (#3) 295/1 vs. MIA (#1) 285/2 vs. NE (#11) NE doesn't need Brady to win. STL must get Bulger going if they're going to have a shot because Faulk can't take...
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    Fantasy Football 2004 Discussion and Advice

    Bulger is pretty much a stud-do-not-bench call nowadays, in the same category as Manning, Culpepper and McNabb (my boy). My choice is either: Antonio Gates Derrick Mason Leaning towards Gates (we don't differentiate between TE & WR) as Mason isn't getting tons of yards and is having...
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    Fantasy Football 2004 Discussion and Advice

    I had forgotton that Vinatieri was out so I picked up Phil Dawson. Wouldn't have gotten Stecker, unfortunately. My lineup was: McNabb Harrington James Barber Rhodes (just in case -- didn't think Chambers was going to do anything and he didn't) J. Walker Mason Dawson Ask me if I won...
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    Fantasy Football 2004 Discussion and Advice

    man, won this weekend but my team took a beating ... Edgerrin out at least this week (have Rhodes, tho) and Deuce out 4-6. OUCH. Maddox is out as well but I'm dropping him. Thank God McNabb got me the 8 pts (+12 more) that I needed last night. Next week is gonna be rough with the injuries and...
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    ISF Video Cals: New England, San Fran, Vegas, Maritime Canada, Detroit, OH, NY/NJ

    Gregg ... I submitted an email via your website but have not heard back. Do you know your schedule for Chicago yet ? My new Samsung HL-P4663W should be all ready to go by then. thanks !
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    The Survivor 9: Vanuatu Discussion Thread

    my prediction: Spoiler: the rock the guys got off the pole is actually flint and they are too dim to realize it And yes, there is about 5000cc of silicone floating around on the women's team. Yow.
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    Movieoke, anyone? You GOTTA try it!

    There are movieoke bars in NYC ... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4252908/