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    The Xbox Series X, Holiday 2020

    Just went live on Amazon - After a couple page reloads, got one!
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    The Tower of Terror Theater

    Love this! Let's see if I recall my 25-year-old training... The four top left buttons were call buttons to use with the missing phone - Tower for the control tower where an operator monitored the whole ride, Lobby to tell the lobby cast member to either speed up or slow down loading the...
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    UHD Review A few words about…™ Gandhi - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I misread Robert's last comment and was concerned there was a Rolls Royce out there somewhere with seat hides made out of Grover from Sesame Street...
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    Press Release USHE Press Release: Jaws (1975) (4k UHD)

    HDR10+ is in the promo copy, but Dolby Vision is also in the fine print. whew...
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    Digital Review The Current War: Director’s Cut Digital HD Review

    The book was spectacular, and I was really looking forward to the movie. Shame Weinstein mucked up the original cut.
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    AT&T TV launches nationwide

    Too bad AT&T only offers 5Mbps internet in my fairly new 400-unit apartment complex. Thanksnothanks.
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    The Tower of Terror Theater

    NOYCE! I shared this thread with the Facebook Tower of Terror present/past (I was opening year crew...) Bellhops group. :)
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    UHD Review A few words about...™ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I saw it at the downtown LA Alamo Drafthouse in 35mm, where they're (from their website) "obsessed with making sure that each film looks and sounds the best it possibly can". With loud cue beeps at every reel change, print dirt everywhere, and two vertical scratches running the entire length of...
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    UHD Review The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary UHD Review

    Removing wires - I'm not mad at that. I ge the historical context thing, but if the guiding principle in restoration is "What would the filmmakers have done if they had today's technology", then yes, they would have 86'd the wires in a heartbeat.
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    LG creates Café OLED in NYC's Soho district

    And a mere block from Dolby Soho, free and open to the public!
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    Blu-ray Review Big Trouble Blu-ray Review

    Love this movie! I was a fan of the Dave Barry novel, and hated how the movie was released without an iota of marketing behind it due to the political stink of the times. My ex-wife and I saw it in a nearly empty theater, and cackled the whole way through. Glad it's finally getting a Blu release.
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    Scrubs: Med School

    Who whizzed in the USA Today reviewer's Wheaties? One star? The premiere wasn't comedy genius, but it certainly wasn't bad. First episodes always have to lay a lot of new character pipe before they can really...
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    Top Chef Season 6

    I'm kinda hating Bravo's habit of running the same episode back-to-back with itself. Since I record the second showing, and my DVR starts recording a few minutes before program start, I once ruined the episode by seeing the end of the previous showing, and watching the loser packing their...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ My Cousin Vinny -- in Blu-ray

    True story - I'm from NY, my wife is from Arkansas, and when we saw this in the theater, she whispered "what?" to me at the "yutes" line, and in unison with Vinny, I whispered back "youTHs." Some of those North-South differences aren't so exaggerated...