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    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    I also pointed out this was the first time not getting a shipping date and a tracking number via email; this package simply arrived via UPS and the website still shows the whole order as In Process. I have two other more recently-placed orders In Process, so I'll be watching them closely. The...
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    *** Official Warner Archive DVD Review Thread

    Well I finally bit ...Bought The Gathering and Our Vines Have Tender Grapes...Can anyone elaborate on the presentation of Airborne? It says its 16x9 Full Frame. Sounds like an oxymoron to me.
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    Paramount's Star Trek Movies on DVD

    The movies don't look the same, read the Digital Bits and DVDBeaver reviews. Khan benefitted from a restoration where as 3 and 4 have been remastered. Picture in all 3 movies is different. The question is will a new ST 1-6 boxset be available for us lowly DVD owners?
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    Warner Bros., any plans for an anamorphic "2010"

    It seems to be unavailable for retail on Amazon. Always a sign of hope for me;)
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    Is Sony reissuing "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Bridge on the River Kwai"?

    Amazon does show footage from a new making of documentary. The footage is from 1989 of O Toole looping his lines for the new director's cut. Shockingly prisitne video from 1989.
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    DeepDiscountDvd 20% off sale begins 11/9-11/25

    Order 1: 1 BBC042020 DVD : DOCTOR WHO-3RD SERIES $ 55.11 In-stock 1 BVD053118 DVD : MUPPET SHOW-2ND SEASON $ 22.31 In-stock 1 MCA033112 DVD : CLASSIC WESTERN ROUND-UP V. $ 17.08 In-stock 1 MCA033116 DVD : CLASSIC WESTERN ROUND-UP V. $ 17.08 In-stock 1 PRD012244 DVD : CHINATOWN (CE) $...
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    Baywatch: The Complete Fourth Season

    Yep, but that's great if you have a region free player.
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    Baywatch: The Complete Fourth Season

    This has me interested: Apparently a new release of Season One (THE REAL SEASON ONE) and Two are out on July 10! The catch is that they are Australian imports; Region 0, from the company, Force Australia. Now the good thing is that it includes all of the episodes, no misssing ones, but of course...
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    "The Monster Squad" coming to DVD in 2007? Yes, according to this guy

    I have returned....to bring.... **BIG DVD News from MonsterMania Con!** From MonsterMania's David Hagen and the Director Fred Dekker came the announcement that: ~Monster Squad will be on DVD from LionsGate in October! ~ Dekker promised the fans in attendance at the Q&A that the DVD...
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    "The Monster Squad" coming to DVD in 2007? Yes, according to this guy

    TonyD "most of the cast will be appearing at a monster movie con in cherry hill nj next weekend 16-18. maybe there will be some info on a dvd then." I'll be there this Fri. and Sat. so I will be quite happy to hear any info. I promise to relay, if there is.. Also hope to hear...
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    Warner Home Video Tom & Jerry Replacement Program (UPDATE 1/30/07 POST #134)

    I was just told by a WHV Manager to HOLD onto the Vol.1 discs until you receive the correct disc shipment. Do yourself a favor and call to straighten it out. I also didn't find it comforting to have received this screw-up before I received Superman discs and T&J Vol.2 discs, but they're on the...
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    DDD 20% off sale Now Extended until 11/23/06

    Order #2: DVD : EVIL DEAD 2-BOOK OF THE DEA $ 19.19 In-stock DVD : SANTA CLAUSE, THE (WS) $ 11.13 In-stock DVD : CLERKS 10TH (ACS)(3D) $ 19.16 In-stock DVD : MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, THE $ 11.37 In-stock DVD : DA VINCI CODE (SE/WS), THE $ 14.20 In-stock DVD : TITANIC (1953) $ 8.26...
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    DDD 20% off sale Now Extended until 11/23/06

    The sale IS ON! I'm off to an early start!. Here is order #1: DVD : ROMANCING THE STONE/JEWEL O $ 17.80 In-stock DVD : BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-1ST SE $ 34.84 In-stock DVD : BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-SEASON $ 29.04 In-stock DVD : BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-SEASON $ 29.04 In-stock DVD : JAMES BOND...
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    James Bond Ultimate Ed Framing Issues

    There are new UE reviews at DVDTimes for anyone whose interested. They may squash any rumors or questions. The reading should tide one over for the R1 release.
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    DDD Semi-annual 20% off sale (merged)

    OH Yeah! Order number 1: 1 ADV001467 DVD : MACROSS V.01 + BOX $ 21.27 1 ADV014182 DVD : MACROSS V.02 $ 15.95 1 ADV014192 DVD : MACROSS V.03-DANGEROUS DIVI $ 15.12 1 BBC018140 DVD : DR WHO-TALONS OF WENG CHIAN $ 18.86 1 BBC025030 DVD : DR WHO-GENESIS OF THE DALEK $ 19.62 1...