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    Blu-ray Review The Big Parade Blu-ray Review

    Just got a chance to watch the new Blu-ray and fell in love with the movie all over again. All of my previous viewings had been of a well-worn VHS copy, so I was shocked by how sharp and "new" the image looked. The score was wonderful too. I haven't had a chance to look at the extras yet, but...
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    Criterion ready to release IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD

    Uh... As a long time lurker on both this site and the Criterionforum, I don't think this is quite accurate. While it's true that IAMMMMW and La Cage Aux Folles are rather unpopular over there, there's been a lot of enthusiam about the other three. The thread for I Married a Witch, for example...
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    movies to ask Warner for in chat?

    Oh, how I long for them to release more of their silent films... "The Crowd" has been my most wanted DVD for the past four years or so - and "The Big Parade" and "The Wind" and "Greed" aren't far behind on that list... Other than that, I would love to see a Ken Russell set.
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: There Will Be Blood: 2-Disc Collector's Edition

    I'd daresay that a majority of the people who watched it really liked it, but there were a fair amount who didn't like it. So no, you're not "rare." I for one loved this film, and I consider the score to be one of the best aspects of it (and one of my favorite film scores in many years)...
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    Time to Thrown Down! 2007 Top Ten Lists

    I still have quite a bit of catching up to do, but here's the list so far: 1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2. There Will Be Blood 3. Once 4. The Kite Runner 5. No Country For Old Men 6. Ratatouille 7. Zodiac 8. Golden Door 9. Meet the Robinsons 10. Paprika...
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    January 2008 Criterions

    Another fantastic month from Criterion, in my opinion. Every single one of these titles is a must-buy for me. It's especially great to see another Lindsay Anderson film finally being released on DVD, and this seems to be an especially packed release. I'd been putting off buying the...
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    Criterion's June Lineup

    This has been a heck of a year for Criterion, in my opinion. There are three titles in this batch that are must buys - The Two of Us sounds quite charming, and I've been meaning to see La Jetee for a long while after falling in love with 12 Monkeys, which was inspired by the Marker film. But...
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    Criterion Press Release: April Titles

    I believe Jodie Foster owns the rights to the movie in the U.S. And I kind of like the cover, but that's probably just me...
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    Criterion Press Release: April Titles

    Their covers have been posted on the official Criterion website, but their website has no official link to them yet... Here they are anyway: "La Haine" was up earlier but has...
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    A hint from Criterion--more early Ingmar Bergman?

    It looks like this is indeed referring to a set of early Bergman films and that they will fall under the new Eclipse banner: A lot of fantastic information about the Eclipse line here, and it seems we'll be getting an official announcement...
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    Warner February Releases: Miracle in the Rain, A Summer Place & others

    I have been wanting to see "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" for a really long time, so this news has me extremely excited. I'll probably pick up several more of these titles too. I love Warner.
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    Alfred Hitchcock's Movies?

    "Vertigo" is my favorite film of all time, and "The 39 Steps" isn't too far behind. Other than that some of my favorites among his films (in no particular order) are "Notorious", "Spellbound", "Psycho", and "Strangers on a Train".
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    Please recommend some Shakespearean adaptations

    I highly recommend Grigory Kozintsev's Russian adaptations of "Hamlet" and "King Lear", though the Ruscico DVDs that are available in the U.S. are a bit pricey and not high-quality.
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    Do you invariably associate a studio logo/theme with a particular movie?

    In my mind, the New Line logo is inseperably connected with "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
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    *** Official Oscar Nominations and Discussion Thread

    I'm not at all upset by "Crash" winning. It's a fantastic film. I personally preferred "Good Night, and Good Luck." and "Brokeback Mountain", but "Crash" was also pretty far up there on the list of my favorite films of last year. My favorite movie of "King Kong" wasn't even nominated, but I...