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    Selling home - Traditional realtor or Help-U-Sell?

    My buddy and I both sold our houses in San Jose, CA last year using Help-U-Sell. When you use Help-U-Sell, you still have a realtor helping you. My realtor did everything that a "full service" realtor would have done except host the Open House, which my wife and I did. He took care of the MLS...
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    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    I heard the Malenga part and figured he thought that's who Tony was. Thought that maybe there was a little more to it since I don't speak Italian. :)
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    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    Great way to begin a new season! :emoji_thumbsup: Did anyone catch what Junior was saying when he shot Tony?
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    American Idol - Season 5

    I think that Jennifer Sieminski is just a little bitter. She's just like all of the others that think they're the best and get pissed off when they don't make it.
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    American Idol - Season 5

    Looks like this
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    Let's talk Beer

    I don't get to this site much anymore but I was surprised to see the beer thread hadn't been posted to in so long. I just wanted to pass along a new (for me) beer that I tried tonight. It's Biere de Mars from New Belgium Brewing. I like Fat Tire so I figured this should be good also and it...
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    If I enjoyed "Ca Ira" ..what else would I like?

    Not sure but try Pandora for some suggestions.
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    At least they told you that there was a 3 year commitment. When I moved into a house 2 years ago and activated the alarm system (I had ADT on my previous house) they never told me about the commitment but it was in the fine print on the back of the sheet that I signed. :angry: I didn't know...
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    Rekindle the Rivalries (Fantasy Football '05)

    Brad, I don't think that I'm going to make it this year. I've got a new daughter due Aug 23rd and way too many other things going on right now. Unfortunately it looks like this will be my first football season without at least one fantasy team in the last 15 years. :frowning:
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    Samsung 6167w vs Sony 60XS955

    Timmy - I came to the same conclusion as you when I was looking for a new TV. I was going to buy a DLP set, most likely a Samsung, until I saw the Sony. For me it was an easy decision to make since I also really like the Sony cabinet. I've had my 55XS955 for a little over a month and I couldn't...
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    It's been a while. Who now has VoIP?

    I decided to try Vonage and have had it for a little over a month. No problems at all so far and I'm very happy with it. I'm getting rid of my land based line in a few days since it's no longer needed.
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    Finally going to be a DAD

    Grats! It's definitely an exciting time. Your lives will never be the same. :D I've got a 2 yr old son and a daughter due at the end of August.
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    Which to buy

    Any TV that has a piece of plexiglass over the screen will have reflections. They may call it an anti-reflective screen but IMO all it does is cause reflections.
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    Which to buy

    Yes, the XBR is always the top of the line for Sony. However, I believe that the XS955 is a newer model than the current XBR. I could be mistaken on that though. The main thing that I didn't like about the XBR is the reflective screen. I have tons of ambient light in my room and a reflective...
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    Which to buy

    Most likely you won't notice the difference between 720p and 768p. Have you looked at the 60XS955? I actually like it better than the XBR because the XBR has the reflective screen.