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    Wireless question-please help

    actually it was the only way to re-activate the laptop so it would see the router. but I will look into your tip and look for that automatic setting. after searching around the web-it seems alot of people are having problems with their dell laptops..great. thanks for your help-I need all I can...
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    Wireless question-please help

    okay I am new to this wireless world- but i finally did and it hasn't been easy. Bought a linksys wrt54gs-got it installed on my desktop (dell XP-comcast). got a new dell laptop inspiron 1501. after hours and hours talking with linksys tech support we finally got the laptop to recognize the...
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    Chainsaws - Husqvarna or Stihl?

    I picked up a Husqvarna 345?(I think thats it- 16") around a year ago- and have cleared close to an acre of trees-. I have had no problems with it- the only thing I would recommend would be to have at least 3 chains on hand at all times -when one gets dull-just replace it-that way you will...
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    Tivoli Pal radio-small, rechargable, water resistant..perfect. Tim
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    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    this always confused me about the diner guy-if he turned back time-then the guy at the diner never put the hurt on old supes..right? so when he walks in and fights the guy and says 'I've been working out"-it seems the people in the diner saw him before-hence the original fight took place and...
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    What did you do in the war, daddy: OAR?

    wow, I remember this movie-its been along time since I saw this. Pretty funny movie. So thisisn't available in the states? Tim
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    My mini review - Toshiba HD-XA2

    I was curious if anyone with the XA2 has used any of the video settings-such as mosquito NR,Random NR etc. just curious if these things work or not- tried fooling around with them -mostly for SD discs-I think they may have worked some,pirates of the Carb. looked awesome-no noise, blacks looked...
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    Superman: The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

    I did not buy the set-but a local costco (dedham MA) had a bunch of them today-oh but I did buy an LCD TV-so that counts for something. Tim
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    best place for DVDA discs?

    thanks -I will check out these sites. tim
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    best place for DVDA discs?

    i was wondering where the best places to purchase DVDA discs (and some SACD) would be-either BM or online. ANyone have any favorites-as to prices and/or availability? thanks Tim
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    Does anyone have a Video Blue Book, or a shortcut to the site.

    most of the prices on that site I don't agree with anyway-seems they lowball alot of stuff-IMHO Tim
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    Used B&K AVR-5/307 or new Denon 3805?

    nothing to do with this thread- but I just noticed in my profile that I joined HTF forum in 1970? I guess i better look into that Tim
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    B&K Ref. 50 & 200.7

    Dave thanks for the photo tip-I was really hoping to sell them together (I wouldn't really be using one without the other anyway),not sure what to ask for with separate prices. what piece were you interested in? Tim
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    B&K Ref. 50 & 200.7

    color is Silver, Mint condition, original owner, boxes, manuals. Asking $2700 plus shipping for both. Also FYI these were unopened for the first year or so-until I moved into my home-and now I use them only to watch DVD movies maybe once a week with them-so usage has been minimal at best. Tim
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    Used B&K AVR-5/307 or new Denon 3805?

    Is what im wondering is the DD+ or TrueHD sound that much better then current DD? i myself can't tell much of a difference between the DD, DTS,ES etc.if it's DD it all sound the same to me? I can't answer that-wish I could, but it seems it wil be a while before I experience it-or at least...