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    Subwoofer Program?

    If you're going to use WinISD use the alpha Pro version. The other version is not accurate. That said I use Unibox, since it's sims track closely with those from LspCAD
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    DIY On-Wall Speakers

    If you have the budget for better drivers and crossover components, you'll find several on-wall/in-wall designs in this link. http://www.htguide.com/forum/forumdisplay.php4?f=39
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    Jon Risch's DIY Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps

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    3 way switch

    Ever heard of Google? http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...y+light+switch
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    What distance should be between ports and speaker/walls?

    I think he's asking about the spacing of the port inside the box, not how far the box should be placed from the walls of the room
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    What distance should be between ports and speaker/walls?

    The port should be it's diameter or more from any boundry
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    Major issue with DIY speaker

    If there's no baffle step compensation, the speaker will sound thin.
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    Narrow & deep or flat and wide?

    The criteria for choosing the width of the baffle is contingent on what you want to baffle to do.... The wider the baffle the greater the boundry loading at lower frequencies. There's a great little Excel based freeware progam called "Baffle Diffraction Simulator" It provides a graphic...
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    Questions on a driver

    Where's the magnet? Save your money until you can afford one of the better designs like the DVC 15"
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    Monster power conditioners????

    Belkin is a well known name too, but it's primarily associated with computers. The Belkin PF60 includes a more complete cable package than that included with the monster. The PF60 also allows you to independently select which outlets are 'switched', and the amount of delay when those...
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    Monster power conditioners????

    Everyone is dumping these because they were very overpriced and didn't sell. I'm not positive but I think the primary difference between the 5000 and the 5100 is simply the digital readout. And think that $259 + shipping is overpriced compared to the Belkins Don't fixate on the difference in...
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    Monster power conditioners????

    The Belkin PF60 are as good or better than the Monster 5000 and cost only a little more than the Monster 3500II. The original list price for these was $700 http://www.provantage.com/belkin-ap4...2~7BELD011.htm This is the inside of the Belkin This is the inside of the Monster 5000
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    Learning about crossovers - where to begin?

    Nope using a generic crossover 'forumla' isn't a good idea. Nothing is optimized for the performance of the specific speakers and baffle being used. Woofer Tester is designed to measure T/S parameters, not measure frequency response on a baffle. Doing that takes gated time domain (ETF/LMS)...
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    Learning about crossovers - where to begin?

    Here's how it works....... First you decide on the drivers you want to use, (a bit hard for a noobie). Then you buy the drivers and mount them on the baffle you intend to use for the speaker. (Choice of the baffle size and shape depends on the kind of loading you want the drivers to have.)...