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    New guy here; new house with theater room

    New theater seats have arrived. Seatcraft Diamante with the Soundshakers all hooked up. Also changed out the in-wall speakers from the Acoustic Audio brand speakers to Klipsch Reference in-walls (R-5502-W-II for Center and R-3650-W-II for L/R/surrounds), changed the sub to a Klipsch R120-SW...
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    New guy here; new house with theater room

    Here is a stock pic of the back of the receiver. I was thinking the ceiling speakers could wire into the "height" and/or "Zone 2" audio outputs, no? This is probably a noob question, so appreciate your guidance. As for ventilation, I agree. I just put that new receiver in yesterday, and it's...
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    New guy here; new house with theater room

    Hi, all. New guy to the forum here. I just bought a house with a dedicated theater room, and have been surfing these forums for the past month or so soaking it all in and learning as much as I can. I'm going through different parts of the room and updating/upgrading equipment one-by-one since...
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