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    The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    Joy! Joy! Joy!
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    when a Criterion doesnt seem like a Criterion

    It should be noted that "Armageddon" and "The Rock" came out yonks ago (40 and 138, respectively), "The Blob" is a cult film and Samuel Fuller is a cult director. I'm afraid you lose me with "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold", one of my top 10 films of all time. And Jonathan Demme's "Handle...
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    WHV Press Release: More Paul Newman Films on DVD

    "Rachel, Rachel"...Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!
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    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    I am satisfied with the news regarding "The African Queen". I never really doubted they were working on it but it is gratifying to hear concretely 1) there were obstacles, 2) what those obstacles were, and 3) these obstacles were/are being actively worked on. There's no longer a deep dark void...
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    New article about Fox catalog titles

    "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" would be greatly appreciated. It was supposed to be a released a few years back but was pulled, supposedly for legal reasons involving the Kazan estate, if I remember correctly. I find the list more than a bit disappointing, since excepting "Diary" (and maybe...
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    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    I shudder in anticipation...
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    It would be grand if they released them. Also complete Oscar telecasts. Maybe the audience for these would be specialized. But I know I would sure appreciate it.
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    Escape From Fort Bravo

    LOL!!! I felt the same way! That reminds me of a favorite Peanuts carton...Snoopy is sliding around on the ice, having a grand time. Lucy comes up to him and say "You're not skating! That's not how it goes! You don't have skates on! You're just sliding! That's not right at all!" Snoopy walks...
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    Escape From Fort Bravo

    I totally agree with Karine here. I'm just happy to have the films at all. There's an old story from when Bruce Springsteen was feeling reluctant about playing larger venues. The argument posed to him was which would you rather be? The person sitting furthest away at a large venue, or being...
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    Warner Romantic Classics in January '09

    Far From The Madding Cowd...bliss
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    Paul Newman has passed away (merged)

    MSNBC is right now running a Time and Again Special about Newman right now, for those interested
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    Paul Newman has passed away (merged)

    For some odd reason, I had a feeling about this for the last week or so. Maybe it was just coincidence due to the re-release of "Cool Hand Luke". Newman was an iconic actor, an actor whose death I think will affect many people in a deeply personal way. At the time of his greatest period, I...
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    Paul Newman has passed away (merged)

    Just appeared on MSNBC
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    Film Noir - LIST