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    Whole-house audio/video distribution

    Look into the Denon 5805. It can handle anything you are looking to do and the sound quality is right up there with anything you can throw at it including the Anthem D1. I just installed one in my dedicated home theater which replaced the Aragon Stage One and there was no comparison. I run my...
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    B&K 507 vs. Outlaw 950 +Outlaw amp

    All you have to do is look up the DAC's and the DSP engines of both and you will realize the B&K is a superior product over the Outlaw. Go with the B&K.
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    For one thing, nice speakers you have picked out. B&W speakers and especially the Nautilus line love high current high powered amps. The more power you throw at them the better. The low end really sticks out in my mind when I audition them with high powered amps.
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    Speaker system for 5.1, around $3000. ?

    Look at the Definitive Tech BP7002's, CLR 2500 and the BPVX for surrounds. Retail is around $4200 but street pricing would be close to $3000. A little extra time in setting them up but they are super for home theater and I think you will enjoy the sound field they have. JMHO
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    Seperate processor, opinions.....

    B&K Reference 50 S2 can be had pretty close to that price point. Retail is around $2400 but street is much less.
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    Denon AVR-5805.........Second look:Wow!

    Are they still going to manufacture the 5803 or is being discontinued? Two of those for my whole house audio and 5.1 systems for the great room and master bedroom would be nice. Does anyone know if you can run keypads to the 5803 or are you only allowed to run volume control and IR?
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    Denon AVR-5805.........Second look:Wow!

    quote: "There are several reasons for that,and the most prominent is bias.People who write for "high end" magazines are not very open minded when it comes to receivers especially if it's from a Japanese company.Sadly these are the same people who ask us to believe that many components have...
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    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    John-Tompkins, thanks for your response. That is what I was looking for but it seems this thread was hijacked and everyone wanted to get their opinion in concerning amps and this was not a thread regarding amps but whether a high end Denon Receiver would work well as a pre/pro. I have been...
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    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    Let's say you put a nice 7 channel amp into the equation with the Denon. How would the Denon 5805 compare with mid to high end seperates like the B&K Ref. 50S2, Anthem AVM 30, Anthem Statement D1, Parasound C1 and C2, Classe SSP300, Krell, etc? I just think The Denon with its Auto EQ/Auto Cal...
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    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    I am really curious why a Denon 5805 vs. seperates would not sound just as good or better. They have the most up to date top of the line DAC's and DSP engines that the high end seperates do not have plus the auto eq/auto cal. What gives? Is it just audiophile people have an elitist attitude...
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    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    Over at another forum there is a thread concerning the 4805 and it was confirmed by the rep with Audessy (not sure about the spelling) that the 4805 will have the same Auto EQ/Auto Cal as the 5805. Also mentioned that the 4805 will be shipping in early 1st quarter 2005. I beleive that thee 4805...
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    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    am curious here on everyones response. I sold my speakers to a buddy of mine who happened to buy my 4802 about a year ago. At the same time he was interested in purchasing my Aragon Stage One pre/pro and B&K 200.5 amp so I transported them to his house and we hooked them up and to both of our...
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    Rotel vs. B&K.......

    Paul D.K., I am sure they are still making the M250. It was just rated AAAA in the recent Stereophile Guide to Home Theater recommended components for 2004. Check them out. By the way the price is $1200 not $1250 so they are about $300 less than the B&K but I am sure a B&K dealer will...
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    Rotel vs. B&K.......

    Paul D.K. I think they are still producing the M250. I will check with a dealer friend of mine and see.
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    Need help deciding Best HT Processor under 5K

    At that price you have to consider the Lexicon MC8.