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    Bourne Ultimatum issue on A2

    I have the older firmware version of 1.X but didn't have any problem with Bourne Ultimatum HD-DVD.
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    TRU: Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on $129.98

    Same price at Amazon
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    Looking for some spec info on the SVS TV-12 Ultra woofer

    I buy a another amp to drive that unit by bypassing the dead amp. Keep that driver in the original enclosure.
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    Where everybody go????????????????...

    Now I know where everyone is Craig ;)
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    Where everybody go????????????????...

    Craig Chase = CraigSub at AVS?
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    FS: Denon AVR-3300

    Please check PM.
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    Keepcases - pay only for shipping!

    I'll take them if you still have them. Please check your email. Thank you.
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    Sony & RS Remotes, Midiman CO2

    I'll take the Radioshack remote. Please check your email Jim. Thank you.
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    Shiva Sonotube Kit? Wow!

    Hi Allan. What is the port tuning for this kit? Thanks Allan.
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    Shiva Sonotube Kit? Wow!

    I am interested in a few kits tuned to 20Hz without the driver also. Will it be availble?
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    KLIPSCH Center Channel Overpowering front speakers--HELP!

    Sounds like you listen to your movie at high volume. If that is true I don't think any of the above subs can keep up with your Klipsch setup.
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    DIY sub with Car Audio driver? I know its been asked before.

    Jesse, Dustin is right about the Tempest vs the SVS Ultra. I used to have a Tempest in a Mid Q sealed box and a SVS Ultra. I had them both hookup to each channel of the Samson S1000. The frequency resp. charts for both are almost identical. The Tempest actually hit a hair lower than the...
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    ART 351 EQ $75- Shipped

    Hi Samson. Please check your email. Thank you.
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    FS/FT:XBOX games/DVDs: GTA, KOTOR, SPRyan DTS, many more..great prices!!!

    Dan, you have mail regarding The Eagle and Burnout 2.
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    Amp upgrade to old M&K sub..

    The amps in those MK MX subs are very conser. rated. I don't think you'll gain anything by replacing it with another amp.