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    SF Bay Area FS or FT: 120" Da-Lite Screen for Projector

    Hey Kirk... actually, I'm not in Davis any more...I'm in San Jose. I gotta change that:) And you're more than welcome to take a look if you want to swing down to San Jose...it all depends on what day you're coming :)
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    SF Bay Area FS or FT: 120" Da-Lite Screen for Projector

    I'm not sure if you'd want to do shipping...I speced it out with both UPS Ground and FedEx a while back and shipping ending up being >$50!! If you're still interested, PM me your zip and I'll send you exact shipping costs.
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    SF Bay Area FS or FT: 120" Da-Lite Screen for Projector

    I have a 120" Da-Lite Screem for a front projector. Nothing special, just a 1.0 gain, manual pull down. I'd like to trade for a 90-100" screen of the same type. I've screwed up on my throw-distance calculations, and now I can't find any way to fill the entire screen with my Sanyo Z2. I'll...
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    *** Official TROY Discussion Thread

    I thought it was a very good re-interpretation of Homer's poem. The lack of involvement by the gods made it less mythological, which I'm very grateful for (sidetrack--don't see how they'll do "The Odyssey" as a sequel to "Troy" if there isn't going to be any divine involvement). OT...
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    Give me three good reasons to buy a Gamecube.

    I thought Metroid was pretty good, but I honestly don't see how it can compare to Halo. As for GTA, it's a different beast...but I certainly enjoyed it a whole lot more than either Metroid or Halo. BTW, I got the gamecube for Mario Kart and it's worth it!
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    Colin McRae Rally 4 - $19.99

    Where'd you find it for $19.99 I love Colin Mcrae rally.
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    Why no love for the Panasonic XR25/XR45 HT receivers here??

    Not to troll or anything...and I hope people don't take too much offense at this. But sometimes, unless a receiver is over a certain amount of money people on this forum tend to automatically disregard it. Meanwhile, an underwhelming receiver or pre-pro with multiple issues might be loved...
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    Hughes HIRD-E1 receiver

    I have an old Hughes HIRD-E1 Receiver and the access card that came with it. I've switched to DISHNetwork a little while back and have had no use for it. I've tried putting this thing on eBay but they keep cancelling saying it violates cable descrambler rules. I don't know WTF is going on, but I...
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    Besides Outlaw, is there an American made reciever

    Please don't compare cars to audio...total apples to oranges comparison. BTW, I would drive a Chevy over a VW any day. It'd last me twice as long and cost me half as much :D Of course, I'd choose a Hyundai over either of those cars.
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    NFS: Underground... So Which Version Is Best?

    Does anybody miss the first two NFS as much as I do? I still reminisce about RX-7 on the road courses in the first one.
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    HDTV snob needs help with his PS2

    Have you considered DScaler?
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    Best video game sports player ever?

    Scary Ice, Bones Jackson, and LT dominated in Mutant League Football on the Genesis!
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    Some thoughts on Madden NFL 2004

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    Some thoughts on Madden NFL 2004

    Anybody with the PC version? What's the online cost...if any? The online costs will help me decide between 2K4 vs. Madden. I'm a long time Madden fan (on the PC), but 2K4 has it's own upside that I wouldn't mind checking out (especially on my 120" projector and full DD5.1 sound)!
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    Should I trade my PS2 for an X-Box?

    From a technical perspective, I think many people will agree the XBox is on a different level. I truly believe there is a very noticeable difference in video and sound quality between the XBox and the PS2. Oh but the games.... How I wish I had a PS2 for the upcoming Gran Turismo. There are...