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    YPAO Question

    Well if you knew then why'd you ask? As for the parametric EQ, I have the 5760 which doesn't have full parametric EQ. And reguardless of whether the two settings are independent are not, which yes, they are to an EXTENT, you can still tweak the YPAO settings once it's finished. I know because...
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    onkyo hts770 and samsung P721M dvd player

    For a HTIB the 770 is great. And hook your DVD player up via either optical or coax it doesn't matter(I use optical just because I want to and feel it's better, even though it's really not). And as for speaker wire, go get the 16 guage RCA(might be 14 guage don't remember) from Home Depot and...
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    Dish 811, a Z1 and my RPTV

    The Dish 811 reciever DOES output 1080i so you're misinformed on that part. I have 2 of them, one 811 on my 32" Sony via component and it looks incredible, no difference between the component and DVI, and my other is on my Sony VPLHS20 FP and looks great via component there too. Wish I knew your...
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    YPAO Question

    Ya, once it's done the whole auto thing, it allows you to tweak the YPAO's results and tweak them. It'll save the results, and then you can go through each setting and tweak it manually. I believe you go into the manual settings or I think you can get into each setting w/out even going through...
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    Best receiver for under $3,000 Denon 5803?

    I love Yamaha over any other A/V reciever.
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    Can't stand it anymore, please help, what would you do?

    Unsure of the exact upgrades from the 4800 to the 4805 but I am under the impression although very few differences, they make quite a bit of difference. And you'd be surprised, I use my Sony VPLHS20 for SDTV alot and it's really not that bad. I've gotten used to it and happen to like it, not to...
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    YPAO Question

    You can either use YPAO and use what they give you, or you can use manual. Both of those being independent settings in that instance. OR you can use YPAO and tweak the results to your liking.
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    Getting bass out of my TV.....

    You should get bass no matter what mode you are in (i.e. Pro Logic, etc), if and only if what you are watching has bass at all(which almost every show does with any sort of music or sound effects). You need to specify whether you are using the fixed audio out on your tv or the variable audio...
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    worth it? projector & small screen size

    I have a Sony VPL-HS20 and I seriously sit in one part of my media room no more than 5 or 6 feet from it(it's a 92" screen) and see no artifacts of any sort and I have very very good vision. It may be that it's a $3500 projector but the specs are comparative to the $1500 ones. This may be off...
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    Can't stand it anymore, please help, what would you do?

    The 46" Pannasonic is a highly reviewed TV, I believe you can find last years model(which ends in X53) for around $1100. It's a great tv and basically you won't go wrong with any decent sub $2000 CRT RPTV. Although you may want to look into FP. Larger size and you can definately get one in that...
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    Receiver: Both RF Demodulator and 5.1 Inputs for SACD--Any out there?

    Good luck finding one with RF, in fact, if you do, post it here. I haven't heard of one having that at all.
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    worth it? projector & small screen size

    RBE is rainbow effect. It is the appearance or rainbows which can only be seen by some and occurs only with DLP projectors.
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    Tower Subs: How to Secure them from Falling

    You could attatch an eye hook to the wall and to a place in the sub that won't cause too much of a problem(only if you have to though) and then could wire the sub to the wall.
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    The best 5.1 setup?

    Seems you've dismissed the notion of getting Polk in walls however if I were you I'd check them out. I have the in walls for my back surrounds, in ceilings for my side surrounds and RTi8 towers for mains. The in walls and in ceilings have aimable tweeters and sound great. I have the couch back...
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    Help with DTS

    I have that same HTIB(well mine has the 5450) and have had no problems. I have my DVD player running from the optical out to the DVD optical in on the reciever and have no problems. You have to push the dvd input on the remote a couple of times I believe it is to set it to auto. And you need to...