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    Apple iPhone 5S/5C Event: Everything You Need To Know

    It's always impressive to me how people that don't like apple products are mad that they are not innovating, but don't hold their preferred brand of phone to the same standard. I have a fingerprint scanner on my laptop. It does nothing. No one cares. The computer is a POS. Fingerprint...
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    iOS in the car

    Wasn't the old Crappy GPS/bundle offered by dealers a $2000 option already? I know I paid something along those lines for in car navigation package, and it's a POS. I use google maps or apple when I need nav.
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    Psst.. Apple Just got REAL with the Enterprise

    They are also issuing some iPads now too, and we can all get our company email on our personally owned iPads.
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    Psst.. Apple Just got REAL with the Enterprise

    In my division of the company, most of us have a phone. A good phone has replaced the need to ever turn on the laptop while traveling.
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    Psst.. Apple Just got REAL with the Enterprise

    My company, which has around 40,000 employees, started offering iPhones last year. They still offer the blackberry, but everyone is switching.
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    Walking Dead Season 3

    Enjoyed this episode. Not enjoying the Governor story line any longer. Hoping it wraps up soon and use the last 3-4 episodes of the season to set up next season.
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    Marvel's GUARDIANS of the GALAXY: August 1, 2014

    There's a racoon near my house that my be interested in this role.
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    Apple Stock Plummet

    They only made 13.1 Billion. We should all sell. The reality is there are only so many people that can own current Apple products. Current refreshes might not make people go rebuy a product they just bought 8 months ago. This a problem all tech companies face. Not really a problem when you make...
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    Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

    I just hope the movie is good. Could care less about Abs.
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    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    140 minutes of 3D will give us terrible eye strain. We will have to see regular.
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    @#!& that Siri says

    Maybe I don't speak clearly enough. It gives me wrong information half the time or didnt' understand me so I get frustrated and just do it myself.
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    @#!& that Siri says

    Do people actually use Siri? I mean i've had for a few weeks and seems more of a gimick, all voice assistants seem that way. I can do for myself much faster by doing my own searches. Only time I've really used it is when driving and I can't type the text. That is helpful.
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    Star Wars Ep. VII Megathread: The Force Awakens

    I think whoever they cast should be virtual nobodys. We don't need a "lead" actor to sell the movie. I like how Trek picked new people.
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    iPad mini owners thread

    I don't *need* one right now (when do we ever NEED any of this?). I'll probably wait for the updated one next year that gives a retina and blah blah.
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    Disney buys LucasFilms for $4.05 billion

    At the end of the day, the originals are still great. If the new movies suck, then we don't have to watch them anymore. The creation of new movies does not mean you can't still enjoy the old ones. That's the attitude I'm taking anyway. As this is coming from someone that saw TPM at midnight...