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    Win one of two sets of two Johnny Cash TV specials

    A Boy Named Sue....not that it matters now
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    More Cowbell!

    C-Eye Design :: Flash :: Christopher Walken Cowbell Soundboard
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    Weekly RoundUp 9-16-2008

    I thought the release date was Oct 7 ???
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    Win your choice of two amazing DVD collections!

    missed by that much.....
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Odd Couple: The Fourth Season

    Of all the edits I think this one pisses me off the most.
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    Anyone up for some Waters-era live "Dark Side"?

    Great Link Here's one with the first half of Roger's current tour... Talkin’ About My Revolutions » See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon…
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    Odd Couple Season Four -June 10th

    This season(4) will be the big test on musical rights/edits. Some eps. will be totally ruined if the dreaded clearance issues are not addressed.
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    Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Rumored for June 08

    I'm starting to fall in love with CBS/Paramount....twice with H-50 and Odd Couple same day releases.....
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    U2-3D...Who has seen it?

    I've seen it twice...simply amazing. The only downside is that it's only little more than 1/2 of U2 concert.
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    Hawaii Five-O - Any Interest Out There?

    I wish Paramount would change the DVD cases. All of my cases are missing some of the hub "teeth", since they are in the same spot on ether side. :frowning:
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    McCartney years 3 dvd set

    Well worth the price just for the 5:1 mix... And don't you have a Acura Ron?? These songs from this set sound great in my g/f's TL.
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Three Stooges Collection Vol. 1 (1934-1936) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    Sony has finally treated the Stooges with respect. And I thank them for it.
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    The Beatles' Help: 2007 2-Disc Re-Issue (Oct. 30)

    http://www.emigroup.com/Press/2003/press8.htm Capitol and Apple have a "connection" with EMI....so maybe this is why every Beatles/solo Dvd's that is in 5:1 has a DTS track.