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    Opinions on the current 1call deal?

    The BA 7200 is a rebadge of the Sherwood A965. I ordered both the BA AVP7 and A7200 from Audio Advisor. AA had free shipping.
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    Has anyone heard of this company?

    I just got a customized 7.0 Hyperion setup from Radiient. I added a pair of the Europa bookshelves and substituted a 2nd pair in place of the Hyperion surrounds for an additional $100. They were at my door in WA state in only 2 days via FedEx for free too. They are beautiful speakers and I'm...
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    i need a hard disk equipped dvd player which can act as music server

    A low cost option would be to modify an XBox. I put a 200gb drive in mine and installed XBox Media Center among other things. Lots of info on the web on how to do this. I was surprised how easy it was.
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    Best amp around $2k

    I picked up a lightly used Lexicon CX-7 in that price range. I have been extremely impressed with it. I have it mated to a n Outlaw 990 pre/pro. It was recently voted Best Amplifier Over $3,000. Here's a review from Home Theater Magazine: http://www.hometheatermag.com/powera...rs/404lexicon/
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    Possible sale for Adcom GFA-535 or HK PA-2000

    I have owned both and they perform very well. If the HK makes it's way to eBay, make sure you spell Harman Kardon correctly. I got $237.50 for my HK PA2000 back in July on eBay but I think I got rather lucky. If I were in your shoes, I would keep the Adcom but I don't know your needs...
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    auditioned lots of speakers today...and got confused

    Auditioning speakers is very tough. Ones that sound great at a shop will probably not sound the same in your house. The sound is directly related to how the speakers interact with the listening environment. Try to find a shop that will let you audition them at home or has a good return policy...
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    Over-ear headphone

    I also have some MDR-V6 headphones. I use them daily at work and they block more external sound than my coworkers noise cancelling headphones. You can have music really cranked up and nobody will hear you either. Highly recommended. I believe the MDR-7506 are exactly like the original V6...
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    4seating.com , anybody have seats from them?

    I can second Elite Home Theater Seating. I shopped around for months before pulling the trigger on them. Nothing comes close to them in regards to quality, value and customer service. I have a 2 seat wedge configuration of the seats shown below in 100% black leather with motorized recline for...
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    Antiskid speakers

    foam mouse pads do a good job too. I use one under my center channel speaker.
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    Marble slab beneath?

    I was going to add marble/granite slabs under my speakers for another reason. I have some Audio Pro Black Diamond speakers that are ported on the bottom. Even with the spikes the port comes close to the carpet. I changed my mind after I saw what this would cost me.
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    Should I buy the Logitech Z-5500s, the Z-680s, or neither?

    You can use the Z-680 as a pre-amp and plug the digital output on your DVD player directly into it. It has both an optical and coax digital inputs as well as a 6-channel direct input on the back of the control component. The digital inputs are separate so you could theoretically have a cable...
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    Should I buy the Logitech Z-5500s, the Z-680s, or neither?

    I have the Logitech Z680 hooked up to my PC. I was able to find it for $200 so shop around. I've watched a few movies on my computer to try it out and it decodes DTS and DD with no problems. I find that the bass is a little boomy but it's pretty loud.
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    FM Transmitter for Ipod

    Don't waste your money on an FM transmitter. If you are willing to spend a little bit of money and have a cd changer in your car, there are kits available that allow you to interface the iPod in place of the cd changer and allow you to control your iPod with your factory stereo. They don't have...
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    Subwoofer in a closet?

    Most of my older HT migrated to my 5.1 system in my bedroom - nothing like having separates in your bedroom HT system. I have an Eathquake Supernova MKIV 10" sub in a small walk-in closet which is located in the front corner of the room. The closet is about 4.5 x 5' and does contain some...
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    Speaker Floats, any experience and do they work?

    That is a ridiculous s/h charge for that. I would try cutting some racquetballs in half as an experiment first.