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    Upcoming Criterion releases

    Damn, wish I would have remembered the chat or someone had asked a follow up question from the Fox chat where they said they had licensed Kagemusha to Criterion.....
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    Some DvD's for sale

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    Huge DVD For Sale List

    You have a PM
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    FS: Futurama Vol. 1 & 2 and Willow

    Might as well get in on the trade proposals....The Rock Criterion for Futurama Season 2.
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    Monday Night Football in HD

    Game looked great, too bad they use the same cam for sd and hdtv (this is true of all networks though atm) as there is so much wasted space...I want to the the defensive backs, not 20 yards of empty space behind the qb.
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    Samsung 32" HDTV $699.99

    32" Samsung TXN3245FP for $699.99 is not an hdtv, just edtv which means it does 480p. There is a nice short review by a poster at avsforum, it sounds like a good tv for the money. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=260389
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    FT: Rushmore Criterion

    Rushmore Criterion for trade, looking mainly for: Criterions: 8 1/2 Brazil (I'd throw in some extra $) Do the Right Thing Grand Illusion In the Mood for Love Solaris Sullivan's Travels - most wanted title WIld Strawberries Non-Criterions Three Colors Trilogy Avia Guide to Home...
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    Advanced Anime Discussion Part III

    Dual was a nice short series, very enjoyable. I got kinda bored around ep 6, but 8 changed things ALOT and I really ended up enjoying the rest of the series.
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    Battle Royale Korean repressing is R0 not R3

    Did you purchase from an online dealer and if so which one ?
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    How About the Toshiba 42H82?

    I would look at the newer model 42HDX82 , it has DVI and HDCP .
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    Widescreen for under $500?

    You're right, its not HD. Samsclub lists the model number as CFT3090 which is the analog version compared to the CFT3090HD...still a good price and mighty tempting for people who just want it for dvds. http://www.akaiusa.com/products/tv.htm