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    Trying to decide on the right DLP....pls help! (long)

    the mitsu and rca scenium are both nice sets in my experience, and have had no customer complaints on either
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    What song sounds AWESOME in your car stereo setup?

    I use Amanda Marshall, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Reba McEntire, and Travis Tritt for demos usually they all make a system sound great
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    Sony KV-30HS420 or Toshiba 30HF84?

    the toshiba should be as good or better,and has a little better service history than the sony
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    Signing the back of a credit card...double-edged sword?

    I have a policy now (since getting hit with a charge back) I make an imprint of each card, master card told me if I had the imprint to prove the card was in my possession they would cover it under their insurance. If you have issues showing id when asked (in a kind and reasonable manner) then...
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    Why Cats?

    I have cats simply because dogs smell cats clean themselves I don't have to give them a bath every week
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    Why don't Christmas lights last?

    the lights I got at kmart 4 years ago are still working this year they were the martha stewart line and dirt cheap
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    FCC: Over 99% of indecency complaints are from ONE group

    I find most of the shows on tv not worth watching in the first place so I can't be offended it's on something I want to see. Most groups like that will go out of their way to find something indecent (like if the Cleavers were in the same bed heaven forbid back in the 50's)if it wasn't for tv...
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    Static when turning volume on car stereo

    yep it's a warning it needs attention
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    Need recommendation for new speakers & sub for sound quality

    quart has nice stuff, also check out pheonix gold, and rockfords fanatic series (rockford owns mb quart now)
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    LG dlp

    lg is the parent company of zenith, not known for high quality (we dropped them after seeing crt sets with 2 years on a tube the tubes are bad)
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    RPTV picture quality?

    my father in law has a toshiba 27" flat screen and the picture is very grainy he's had it looked at a few times,not sure if it's just a coincidence or if it's a problem with the manufacturer
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    There is a blue/green spot in the corner of my TV

    if you shut the set off and turn it back on and it's still there let it sit off for a few hours then turn it back on do that a few times and it should clear up, to have a tech do it (you don't want to buy a degauser) will be more than you want to spend (figure a service call to the house starts...
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    Must find HDTV that fits W.A.F.

    plasma has a half life (meaning the brightness is half of when new) of 15,000 hours that's a long time (and about the same as a crt based on service averages)check out rca's scenium line they have some dlp sets that are supposed to be able to wall hang
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    Anyone know anything about microwave ovens? Mine died.

    magnetron is toast, and sharp is a lowend brand (at least the ones with their name on them) only 3 companies make microwaves get a cheapy at wal mart for 49 bucks