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    Bose cubes - in ceiling?

    Good decision OP.
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    Samsung 6300 Series LED

    My RPTV died after 10 years, have many other smaller LCD TV's in the house in other rooms, this will be for my main HT setup. Looking at the Samsung 6300 LED series. Thoughts? I've been running my existing system into the ground and will likely be forced to replace my Onkyo that doesn't have...
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    Need help

    Well, he is now officially turned and he didn't have to hear my system to get there. Baraging him with Bose' threads and information turned him. He's now set to go with some BA inwall speakers and an Onkyo or Denon receiver.
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    Recomendation: Onkyo TX-SR703, Marantz SR4600 or Marantz SR5600?

    Onkyo makes solid equipment period. My 797 purchased in 2002 has been running daily without a problem. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the brand for sound quality or build quality.
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    Need help

    Oh, I have a decent HT....JBL S312's up front with an S-center...S36's in the rear and an SVS PB12+ for the low stuff, powered by an Onkyo 797. Trouble is I can't get him to take the time out of his busy day to come listen to it. Not top of the line by any stretch but beats the living [email protected]#$...
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    Need help

    I have a hunting bud who's looking very closely at the Bose' CineMate system. Please help me come up with a resonable alternative that will prevent him from spending money on Blowse. He doesn't want to spend over $500 and doesn't want to buy a receiver. (Don't ask me why)
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    Can i do any better for the money.

    The JBL mains are fantastic speakers. I've listened to the JBL sub (in store) and wasn't that impressed. I love my JBL main and SVS (PB12 Plus) setup. It is a great and affordable combo for music and movies.
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    Best Subwoofer for $700-800?

    I have the PB12 plus in cherry and am very happy with it. You'll be glad you bought from SVS. They're great guys and their product is fantastic.
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    SVS Sub vs JBL PB12?

    Its not just about the watts. Don't get caught up in the numbers game. Its about the design and how everything works together more than it is about the watts.
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    JBL S38s to replace Paradigm Phantoms v2?

    So you changed your mind in under 3 hours. Why post?
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    Wahoo! SVS addressing the $400 market...PB10-ISD coming

    Mike, I'd be willing to bet you are in the majority on this one as far as two channel is concerned. Anyone with less may be better off spending their money on a newer processor. I wouldn't buy a sub for a system that wasn't designed for one, but that is just me.
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    Wahoo! SVS addressing the $400 market...PB10-ISD coming

    Congratulations Ron/Tom, but will it be "musical"!! I agree completely with your decision to leave off the XO. It gets left off on my PB1+.....Also, any "audiophyles" that won't use a DD processor also wouldn't use a subwoofer. Tubes and two channel man, that is all they're about. So that...
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    Subwoofer basics.

    You're probably better off buying a better processor first. Not sure what your entry level system came with, but that will allow you some more flexibility when you want to upgrade your speakers.
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    You REALLY have to see this.......

    Click Here How about a vote for the ridiculous item of the day?
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    SVS PB1-Plus or PB2-Plus

    Yes, its still a nice area. I'm familiar with Cherry Hill, but not the street you lived on. Nice place to live. Even though your Father worked for the "enemy"!