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    Does Anyone Make 3D HDTVs Any More?

    Plasmas have a much higher refresh rate than LCD HDTVs so the strobing of lower refresh rates is not a problem. They also have a much greater visual dynamic range than LCDs. Only OLED HDTVs have the dynamic range of a PlAsma. If you think that current 3D movies are like the only one you've ever...
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    Does Anyone Make 3D HDTVs Any More?

    I have an aging Panasonic 3D Plasma HDTV and over the years I have collected a number of 3D blurays. Panasonic made great displays but nothing lasts forever. So do any manufactures still make 3D models. My current unit is 42". I can fit something a little larger in my living room but not too...
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    Adire AVA250 Schematic Diagram

    A number of years ago I built a 142.5L subwoofer with a down-firing 12" Shiva driver, a 15" front passive radiator, and an AVA250 plate amplifier. It has served me well and sounds great! Last week the AVA250 started buzzing. It has an auto-on circuit that when it detects a signal the amp turns...