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    More Ben Casey

    Hi Tim, I also read here about the demise of CBS MOD Dept. I thought I read here also, that while this DVD set was distributed by CBS, the actual production was carried out by another company. If that's the case, CBS wouldn't be responsible for manufacturing it, just distributing it under the...
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    More Ben Casey

    Hi All, I enjoyed the first 2 volumes of this series (video issues aside) and was wondering if it sold well enough to warrant the release of season 2 ? John
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    shows that have been destroyed

    Tony, If memory serves me correctly....which it sometimes does, when Dark Shadows premiered in 1966 on ABC it was videotaped in black and white. It didn't go over to color until 1967. However, I remember reading somewhere that the show's second color episode was lost and replaced with a B&W...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Tweedle Dee- Lavern Baker
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    CBS Home Video/MOD RIP

    Deleted my post
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    CBS Home Video/MOD RIP

    I'm REALLY hoping that who takes over the reins of the CBS-mod division, releases the remaining seasons of Ben Casey. I'm hoping it sold well enough to warrant this. I thoroughly enjoyed watching season one even though the picture quality IMHO, was a 3 out of 5.
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    Which TV series previous released on DVD would you like to see released on blu-ray?

    Hi Dana, As for your request for a Blu-ray release of The Adventures of Superman...probably never going to happen. It hasn't even been released in HD. Warner Brothers states that the elements they used for the DVD release several years ago, are the best they have. I tend to doubt this as WB was...
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    Giving Thanks for Holy Grails

    James, I'm thankful that my Holy Grail, Ben Casey was finally released. I'm enjoying watching it again and hope for future releases of remaining seasons. John
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    DuMont network shows -- any hope?

    I always thought it would be interesting to dive down to the spot where they were dumped if known, to see if any canisters survived intact after all these years.
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    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    Hi Jeff, First of all, I hope your son is doing better as he matures, I always feel bad when I see small children suffering in hospitals. This isn't the way to start out life. The Ben Casey photos I posted are indeed screen caps from the DVD set. The visual quality is good, but not awesome...
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    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    This past week I viewed 2 episodes from my newly purchased DVD set of Ben Casey. Episode 1 "To The Pure" Ben Casey jeopardizes his career in order to perform a delicate brain operation on a young boy. He also gets accidentally stabbed by a needle while administering a rabies vaccine and...
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Just purchased season 1 of my Holy Grail...Ben Casey. :)
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    Ben Casey

    Josh & Lee, It was a well written show with early appearances by many notable actors and actresses. I'm sure after viewing an episode or two, you'll understand why it was so popular. John
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    Ben Casey

    Lee, I haven't been able to check all 16 episodes yet, but with a total run time of 801 minutes, that computes to just over 50 mins an episode, John
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    Ben Casey

    Hi All, Just skimmed through the Vol 2 set and episode #28 titled, "And Eve Wore a Veil of Tears" not only has the BCP ending, it also has the voice over that goes with this slide. A very complete episode...only thing missing is the original ABC network production slide.