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    Looking for new A\V receiver

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    harman/kardon avr225

    Jeremy, Time to get up.........
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    harman/kardon avr225

    Check out the Intercepter Radio by Boston Acoustics - at BB for $159 - a great alternative!! Good luck!
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    DENON AVR-4306 vs YAMAHA RX-V2600

    Chris, I can tell you that years ago, I was impressed with the tech info that HK put out that others did not (for obvious reasons) - slew rate, rise time, negative feedback, ultrawide bandwidth - all of these affect the overall SOUND of the receiver. I was pleased with HK, then got talked in...
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    DENON AVR-4306 vs YAMAHA RX-V2600

    Well, it looks like he should wait and evaluate the HK. Many kick their heat and build quality, but many can tell you once you own one, and appreciate the significant improvement in sound quality, you will never go back. Marantz is similar. Good luck!!
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    DENON AVR-4306 vs YAMAHA RX-V2600

    Have you looked into HK?
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    DLP rainbows

    Is the "rainbow effect" prevelant in projectors, or just the projection units? Thanks.
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    Where to audition B&W or Monitor Silver in Northern VA?

    Let us know how ME is...I used to buy from them years ago.
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    Yammy 2500, Denon 3805, Marantz 7500? Musical, neutral, even laid-back

    You mention they ordered your third Rotel? That must tell you something - there is a problem somewhere - either with Rotel or with your desire for the sound quality. Do not settle for something you do not like. As with some of the other comments, here is my take on the evaluation: HK is...
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    POLL: leaving your electronics ON

    John, First, it is the switching that has the wear and tear. Secondly, the power up and power down impact electronics rather than letting it idle. Ask any electronics shop and they will tell you to leave it on rather than on and off, on and off. Finally, an excellent example is a light...
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    POLL: leaving your electronics ON

    It is the reoccuring on and off that takes more wear and tear on equipment than just leaving it on all the time. Your only exception would be video, where you probably want to turn off the monitor each evening. Ditto for computers. Finally, be sure you have all equipment tied in to brand...
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    Over fireplace mounting

    Just don't run the fireplace without a deflector shield sitting on the mantle to deflect the heat. Rising heat from a fireplace impacts a plasma TV, especially when on. Good luck!!
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    Pioneer Elite owners - reliability of 56TXi ?

    Ron T Tell me more about NAD and Arcam. Personal experience? HT or music, or both? What speakers do you recommend? Thanks
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    Upgrading receiver, but has to be from Best Buy

    It must be all in what one is comfortable with. I looked at the following and found flaws with all - Yamaha - harsh, bright sound HK - build quality and heat issues Denon - extremely thin sound quality Pioneer - thin sound quality - some say the Elite line is smoother Onkyo - Reliability...