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    Ozzie & Harriet Release From Sam Nelson?

    People are frustrated in part because this was a crowdsourced project. Sam Nelson took money from the fans, and I don’t believe he’s given them anything in return.
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    L.A. Law (1986-1994)

    I like the story with Abby hanging out a shingle. She was one of my favorite characters from the show because she was a bit of an underdog. She was also played by the very appealing Michelle Greene. I didn’t like how they portrayed her as being super successful/arrogant in the subsequent TV...
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    A Quinn Martin Production

    The Eight is Enough pilot was shot in the spring of 1976. ABC didn’t pick it up for the fall of 1976 but retained its option on the show and on the actors. After the EIE pilot was shot, Mark Hamill went off to do Star Wars. ABC finally picked up the EIE pilot in late fall, to start shooting in...
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    Have an advance copy of Moonlighting DVD Seasons 1&2

    So many of the replies here echoed my feelings about the show. Loved the first three seasons. I bought the soundtrack and preferred the TV version of the theme I was unhappy with the storyline where the two leads were apart for most of season 4. And I thought the Walter Bishop subplot was...
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    Soap operas

    The other issue is the serialized nature of those shows. They’re simply not as popular in reruns as something like “The Waltons,” which is why that series has gotten better treatment. ”Eight is Enough,” another Lorimar series, looks pretty decent on DVD. That one is hardly ever rerun for...
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    Early Color TV Series (pre-1966): compiling a list

    I actually wrote to MeTV about it after they showed them in B&W, but no response. :(
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    Early Color TV Series (pre-1966): compiling a list

    Starz showed two of those season five Wagon Train episodes in color when they were showing it on their Westerns channel a few years back: “The Jenna Douglas Story” and ”The Lizbeth Ann Calhoun Story.” Starz showed “The Kitty Albright Story“ and “The Amos Billings Story” in B&W. I didn’t catch...
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    The Flintstones Collection (Blu-ray) Coming Fall 2020

    It’s not in color! :biggrin:
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    The Bugs Bunny Show on DVD and Blu-ray

    I would too. I only say the chopped up versions on Saturday morning. By the time we got the 80s, none of those bridging sequences were shown anymore.
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    Warner Archive Press Release: Josie and the Pussycats: The Complete Series (1970-71) (Blu-ray)

    Too bad that it’s not packaged with the “ultimate collection” soundtrack that went out of print 20 years ago. But I guess I should take what I can get. :biggrin:
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    Shows you think deserved one more season

    I remember the situation with Crazy Like a Fox. It was a well-done show and a perfect lead-out for Murder, She Wrote. But ABC and NBC were counterprogramming with TV-movies (at the height of the popularity of the network made-for-TV movie). NBC and ABC were often beating Crazy on CBS with these...
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    Shows you think deserved one more season

    Wikipedia says the show was still in the top 20 during its final year. Maybe that represented a big drop from the previous year. And the thinking is that old shows are more difficult to transplant.
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    Shows you think deserved one more season

    Yeah - I read that about Mannix too. And it’s not like ABC was stripping it - they just ran it once a week in late night. Silly. You’d think that Paramount would have been able to sell new episodes to ABC, too. I liked Ellery Queen a lot. Jim Hutton and David Wayne were terrific, and I’ve...
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    Shows you think deserved one more season

    I’m still in mourning about The Kids Are Alright. I can’t believe ABC let it go with all its potential (it could have been the next The Middle), yet kept Schooled.
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    How many William Conrad fans? I really want to complete Cannon & Jake & The Fatman

    Did Jake ever run in syndication? Never saw it in my market, and can’t remember if it ever ran on cable. I always thought it was odd that it rains five seasons and just disappeared. Conrad was certainly an unlikely leading man. But he had a lot of screen presence and was fun to watch. These...