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    Soap operas

    Have Dallas or Knots Landing shown up on HBO Max yet?
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    Yep - Bea was the main female voice on Looney Tunes (Granny; Marc Anthony’s owner; etc) until June Foray took over in the mid 50s. She had that lovely, distinctive voice.
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    Questions & Comments On My Three Sons

    Mayberry RFD is only there for the month of May as part of a promotion. My Three Sons will be back in June.
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    Pat Woodell was so beautiful and she had a great voice. But I really liked Lori Saunders, too - she fit in a bit better with Hooterville’s slightly off-kilter sensibilities. Pat missed a good number of episodes during season 2. There’s even one where they used a double in one of the scenes and...
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    Questions & Comments On My Three Sons

    Yeah - these shows were originally 24 or 25 minutes on CBS/ABC, and they cut a minute or two out for the first syndication cycle. They probably run for 20 min at most these days. I remember the Tina Cole episode was particularly short on MeTV, because they clearly didn’t have the rights to...
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    8 Simple Rules continued for almost two seasons after John Ritter died (he died early in the penultimate season, similar to Bea Benederet). Eight is Enough continued for four seasons after Diana Hyland (the mom, Joan Bradford) died, but she wasn’t even there for a full season (and EIE wasn’t...
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    Questions & Comments On My Three Sons

    I give MeTV a lot of credit for uniting the syndication packages of “MTS”, “Bonanza”, “Gunsmoke”, and “Petticoat Junction”. You can watch all of those shows from beginning to end, on one channel, for the first time since their original network airings.
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    The Carol Burnett Show - Complete Series on Shout Factory TV

    MeTV does have half-hour cutdowns of the first five seasons now. They added them about a year ago. The Amazon versions of seasons 6-10 are interesting. A lot of them are the “Carol Burnett & Friends” (CB&F) syndicated edits, with a standard intro and closing with the animated Carol/charwoman...
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    The first three seasons are the best. Once Jay Sommers left (to concentrate solely on Green Acres) and the deadly dull duo of Meredith MacRae and Mike Minor showed up, it went downhill fast. And the episodes without Bea Benaderet aren’t even worth a second look - she was a talented lady and the...
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    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    These color photos are a treat to see. Too bad the show didn’t get a season or two in color. Thanks for posting.
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: V: The Final Battle (Blu-ray)

    “There will be one last chance to save Julie from the conversion chamber!” I’m glad it didn’t continue - killing off Julie (as was being reported) would have ruined the whole thing for me.
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    The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1-5 On MeTV

    MeTV has gone back to the beginning, showing episodes from season 1.
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    Soap operas

    Nowhere did I state that I expected the entire Disney library to be on Disney+. If you’re reading that into my post, then I can’t help you. You’re saying that these shows will likely join without any evidence. You seem threatened that that I called you out on your unfounded assumption. But...
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    Blu-Ray Wish List for Vintage Television

    All in the Family was videotaped, not filmed. They can do a blu ray release, but it won’t be in HD.
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    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    I remember Marlo Thomas a Chinese woman on “Bonanza”.