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    Blu-ray Review The Paleface Blu-ray Review

    The Paleface was the very first movie I ever saw. My mother took me to it in 1948 when I was six years old. It was back when every small town had a movie theater. I remember being distressed at the scene where Hope's legs are tied to two different sapling trees.
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    Classic Movies I’ve Never Seen and Will Not See

    I'll watch virtually any film that's widely considered a "classic" and usually enjoy them and/or consider them interesting and time well spent. For example, I've seen 48 of the Sight and Sound Top 50. The two that I haven't seen, Au Hasard Balthazar and Sátántangó, represent the one film subject...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Thin Man - in Blu-ray

    I've had my Thin Man BD on pre-order at Amazon for several weeks but today, release day, the site shows "temporarily out of stock." That had also been the case with my previous Blu-ray pre-orders of Footlight Parade, Gaslight, and Popeye Vol. 2. I ended up cancelling those orders and getting...
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    Most of my WB 2006/2008 DVDs have gone bad

    I found your old post via a Google search for WB defective DVDs, but wish I'd seen it sooner. I've been going through the titles you listed and found several that won't load at all. I'm wondering, did you ever get any kind of help from WB, replacement or refunds? Thanks.