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    Amazon/MGM Merger Officially Completed

    Just making one point clear here, since some of you keep speaking of Jeff Bezos as if he were Amazon's CEO. He no longer is. Andy Jassy is. Internally at Amazon, much has been discussed (although not necessarily publicly shared) regarding MGM's acquisition, MGM's 800-plus employees future at...
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    Amazon/MGM Merger Officially Completed

    Bezos is no longer Amazon's CEO. Andy Jassy is.
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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oliver! -- in 4k UHD

    Such a great review! I just got the Columbia 2 box set, based of the many positive reviews. That they included 'Oliver!' in it is amazing. The team that made 'Oliver!' would go on to try and recreate the magic with a lesser known film, 'Melody' (originally S.W.A.L.K), which was Alan Parker's...
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    Memorable movie theatre moments

    1982, I was 14. The line to see E.T. went around the block. There was no way I was getting in to see it, so my alternative was to see POLTERGEIST instead, which opened almost side by side. I still remember sitting a few rows from the screen, the smell of popcorn, a full theater and the now...
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    TV Movie Titles We'd Unlikely See on Blu-Ray or DVD for That Matter...

    Would be great to see DAUGHTER OF THE MIND (1969), with Gene Tierney and Ray Milland, and REFLECTIONS OF MURDER, a 1974 well made for TV remake of Les Diaboliques, with Tuesday Weld, Joan Hackett and Sam Waterston.
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    Criterion loses rights to all Merchant Ivory titles

    Well, whoever owns it has licensed a new Blu Ray release, because it being released tomorrow (I actually got it today). The issue is, who owns Maurice and Howards End? Remains of the Day saw a Blu Ray limited release from Twilight Times, so someone licensed that one. Howards End went OOP a...
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    Criterion loses rights to all Merchant Ivory titles

    And hopefully Maurice, which has never seen the light of day on Blu Ray.
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    Criterion loses rights to all Merchant Ivory titles

    Something must have changed, because Criterion has just released A Room With A View on Blu Ray (release date: Tuesday, September 20, 2015)