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    Heroes season 1 thread

    Now, see, I thought for sure that it would turn out that Papa Nakamura would have time-related powers as well, or would at least tell Hiro to stop time except for the two of them, so they could spend a few months in sword training, while the rest of the world passed a few seconds. Of course...
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    Survivor: Fiji

    Pseudo-Zen Mumbo Jumbo: Survivor isn't a game that you win; Survivor is a game that you manage not to lose.
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    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    Actually, on first play-through on hard, got five stars on first try for all of the first tier, and the first three songs on the second tier. Then, I hit 'Woman.' Crikies.
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    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    Finished all songs on Medium with 5 stars last night. Next goal: five stars on all songs on hard.
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    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    I sold my PS2 Guitar Hero 1 and 2 to a buddy so I could pick up the 360 version. It's a damn good port; the graphics are way better, the animation seems a bit smoother. The guitar seems a bit tighter, too, on the hits. I also prefer the neck design. The new songs are pretty rockin' and I...
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    Selling Tv to friend, suggestions?

    Just tell him the truth; you need the money up front so you can buy the new TV; no money, you can't buy the TV, and therefore you can't sell him your old one. I believe the old adage, however, that never loan money to a friend unless you can live with never seeing it again, applies.
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    Jericho ongoing thread

    I'd just assumed that he'd noticed flashing from the scope. I was more put out by the fact that Hawkins was using a laptop in such bright sunshine....
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    Jericho ongoing thread

    Bearing in mind that the townspeople called the Mayor on that very issue too....
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    Boston Legal season 3 thread

    Dagnabit, I missed it. Hopefully it'll be re-aired.
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    running in-wall speaker cable to two wall plates?

    I have a section of my basement all nice and studded, destined to be a home theater. Before we put in the drywall, of course, I want to run the cables; speaker, cat 5, and so on. Now, the trick is, in the short term, I'm going to want my receiver in one spot, and later on, when I get a...
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    Bear in mind that, when referring to werecreatures, 'lycan' is a short form of 'lycanthrope,' much like 'vamp' and 'vampire.' It's not an Underworld-specific term.
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    Survivor Panama Exile Island season 12 (merged)

    Andres, Yup. They'll vote off number 4 on Thursday, then on Sunday will be the two hour finale show with one hour reunion.
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    Any Fun Autograph stories?

    Had George R. R. Martin sign one of my Wild Cards books at a signing at the World's Biggest in Toronto a few months back; he was promoting A Feast For Crows. I should have checked while I was there, to ask, as I can't figure out what he actually wrote.
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    Survivor Panama Exile Island season 12 (merged)

    Only to possibly wind up facing a jury full of the people she just betrayed.
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    What to do with an Ebay bidder

    Everybody starts with zero feedback. Use common sense and everything will be fine.