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    I AM LEGEND BD/HD Details

    Last night I was able to attend another Warner Bros. press event where this time they focused on I AM LEGEND. I have another video interview (still in editing) with WB, but I know some will be excited to see what they're putting on each of the 4 versions they are releasing. Check it out here...
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    WB/Toshiba Interviews

    I think he was referring more to the theme of the event, which I'm attending this coming Tuesday. I'll find out all the specs on the title and more Q1 titles coming from Warner. I don't know if Toshiba will be there this time, but on Friday I'm have breakfast with members of the BDA. I'll bring...
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    WB/Toshiba Interviews

    I just posted this exact thread over at AVS and thought the fine folks here might be interested in this as well. --- This past week I was at a WB Press Event for their Q4 titles. The Toshiba Team was on hand I interviewed both them and WB about Q4. Off the record I asked if anything...
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    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    I haven't visited here in a while. Yes, shame on me, but I just had to say the level of maturity here over this whole war is excellent compared to other sites I visit. I'll be hanging here more frequently now because of it. Kudos to all at HTF.
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    300 and TMNT in July

    My source couldn't tell me much about it other than "July", which he then corrected and said "summer... this summer". Of course, through out the evening I got a little more out of the source, but do know it'll be late July.
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    300 and TMNT in July

    On Tuesday this week I attended a WB press event for Planet Earth and got a little scoop on 300 and TMNT. 300 will be in late July, and TMNT sometime during the month. My source didn't give me an exact date, and that's pretty much all he could tell me. When I asked about hi-def he didn't deny...
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    Official "HTF Radio" Feedback Thread: Please submit your suggestions

    Hey all, it's with a heavy heart that I make this post. I have decided to leave the DVD Marquee in order to focus on my own site. If you're a fan of the show worry not as Jeffrey and Stan will continue to offer up new episodes.
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    I was shocked at how poor the video quality was. In fact it looked suspiciously like the SD version. I have not had the opportunity to compare them yet, but I hope to this week. I will post back here with my results.
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    I wasn't quite as impressed with the second movie as I was with the first. It lacked the fun ride feel the first one had.
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    Passion of the Christ coming to HD-DVD in Canada???

    I'll contact my friends at Warner Bros here and find out for certain if we can expect it. Still I'd suspect that it will be available on both formats as Warner is supporting both equally.
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    Sony KDS50A200 1080P LCD

    Thanks Marty I read their review and it was very positive. Can't wait to get mine and test it out now. Only 24hrs till it arrives.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Superman Returns - Two-Disc Special Edition (RECOMMENDED).

    The only thing missing from this DVD is a commentary. I was impressed with the quality of the disc. I personally can't wait to get my hands on the HD-DVD and Blu-ray verison. They're suppose to be in by the end of the week for review. Hopefully, I can have them up by Monday/Tuesday. Here's my...
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    Sony KDS50A200 1080P LCD

    I've been looking for reviews on this TV and can't find any. I bought it today and it comes in on Friday, but is there anything I should be concerned about with this TV? It'll be used mostly for watching DVDs (SD and High-Def), occassionally gaming, and rarely TV. It's suppose to be 1080p...
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    SLiTHER was so suprisingly fun. I personally can't believe how much fun this flick is. It had a great cast, great dialog, and great slithering. I should have my review of the SD up later tonight, and we also covered it in the latest edition of the DVD Marquee.
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    Hey fellow HTF'ers. We covered the Limited Editions on the latest edition of the DVD Marquee. Give a listen to Episode 19: We Got Death Star (Death Star)! and let us know what you think! Post a comment on the site!