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    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    I'd love to give my Height speakers in my 9.1 setup some real use with Atmos. I've found that PLII X, Audyssey and the DTS DSPs rarely give much of any noticable content up there. I'm a real Denon / Marantz fan, and although currently enjoying a Marantz 7008, I'd love to be able to take it...
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    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    After my dog died and my pickup truck broke down all I had to console me with was my old Marantz. Unfortunately when my girl left me she took that with her, so now I'm here just crying in my beer.... In REALITY though, I went back to school 1 1/2 years ago to persue an accounting degree, and...
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    Pain & Gain Giveaway

    I could use a blender...
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    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Well I ran it anyways - didn't make too much of a difference, seemed to adjust my heights by .5 lower for both the left and right, but that could just as well be a slight variation in the mic positioning. In any case - noise is gone, good stuff!
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    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Yup, I know the cables you're talking about. I took a ride out to the surplus store and got a couple: They did the trick - the noise is gone, bonus!! Thanks for the advice. As far as length goes they're 6 feet - I have no idea if they are louder or not then my other cables to be honest...
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    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. Do you think this will necessitate running Audyssey again due to different cable capacitance or what not? ie will the signal strength change when I switch cables?
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    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Well it works well enough - but I've got to have the volume turned up to 100 percent during calibration to match the levels of the rest of the speakers.. I set it half way and Audyssey set it at +12 - which is the maximum, and obviously wasn't matched properly. Bummer is at full volume it...
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    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Hey all - Just looking for opinions on whether this amp ( 50 wpc @ 8ohm ) http://www.audiosource.net/products/electronics/amplifiers/amp-100/tech-specs/ will be enough to power my Heights that I'm going to be adding to my set up to make it 9.2.. I've currently got 7.2 speakers, driven with an...
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    Blu-ray Review Oblivion Blu-ray Review

    It's great - the blue ray version " blue " me away ... yuk yuk yuk seriously though if you've got a sub and surround sound it'll scratch your itch for sure.
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    Windows 8.1 Preview

    The new NVIDIA beta driver for windows 8.1 is out. You can find it here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/win8-win7-winvista-64bit-326.41-beta-driver.html
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    Blu-ray Review Oblivion Blu-ray Review

    I just watched this a couple of nights ago, and if you can over look one or two plot holes, it's a very entertaining movie. The visuals are great, and the sound is even better ( the sound of his aircraft is awesome ) - there's two cute girls ( a red head no less for those in this forum )...
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    What are you playing right now?

    Well I've actually headed in a different direction. I sold my PS3 a few weeks ago for a couple of reasons. I wanted to get a return on it before it became a 300 dollar paper weight with the release of the Ps4, and currently my PC trumps the functionality of the PS3 in every way. First off...