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    The Rocketeer & Dick Tracy DVD questions

    i didn't see it the last time they aired it, but previous HD airings of ROCKETEER om Starz were cropped to 16:9.
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    What's the word on Lost Highway?

    problem is, on my receiver, when it senses a 5.1 audio signal from a digital connection i cannot "bump it down" to prologic without switching to an analog source. if this was coming in as 2.0 it would be less of a problem but they were sending it out as a 5.1 signal. it's a moot point now...
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    What's the word on Lost Highway?

    Even though the signal was flagged as 5.1, everything was coming out the l/r channels like a 2.0 MIX (just like SCARFACE last week...
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    The Big Lebowski: CE - 10.18.05

    Not only is part of the music slightly cut off, the entire first shot after the studio logo is zoomed in for no apparent reason.
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    What's the word on Lost Highway?

    plus, Universal HD tends to show their movies in OAR if it's 2.35:1 and in DD 5.1 this is great since our comcast system might be one of the ones dropping UHD the very next day when the olympics are over.
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    Technicolor films on DVD

    from imdb about suspiria : It is often incorrectly assumed that, to achieve the rich color palette, the film was shot using the outdated 3-strip Technicolor process. This is untrue: no film after the mid-1950s was shot using this method. The film was instead shot on normal Eastman Color Kodak...
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    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

    yeah i just rented this disc and it looked HORRIBLE on my projector. not only is it non-anamorphic, it's a lousy transfera nd print.
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    More SE title stupidity: "The Wedding Singer - Totally Awesome Edition"

    there's definitely some annoying crackling/harshness in some of the dialogue from several actors (not just Sandler) that sounds like it could be fixed.
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    24: The Complete 5th Season Announced

    24 is probably my favorite show of all time but so far the only season that I have had the desire to go back and watch was season 1. it's not that the other seasons aren't great, they just don't really lend themselves to repeat viewings IMO.... season 5 is really great so far, btw.
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    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    i'll still probbaly try and track down the region 2 version of this season if i can. but i appreciate the info, guess i was wrong about my 16:9 theory.
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    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    travis - i'd agree with you 100% if it were not for the "previously on the Shield" segment of that widescreen episide which shows almost 5 minutes of footage from throughout the season, in 16:9 - perfectly framed. i've watched all 4 seasons now on dvd and it wasn't until starting season 4...
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    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    and as i've said before, many many scenes in season 4 look cropped at 4:3 and the widescreen presentation of the same shots look framed perfectly. i think they might have changed their shooting approach for season 4.
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    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    I agree with you guys about seasons 1-3 but not season 4. There were too many times things looked cut off, and the "previous scenes" in the 16:9 presentation looked perfectly framed.
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    Shield - Season 4

    guys i just found this thread through a search (after posting another thread, sorry)- i agree that seasons 1-3 were intended to be 4:3, but i'm just past the "widescreen" episode on the season 4 dvd's right now, and i really believe that this whole season was framed for 16:9. many times...
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    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    i finally got around to watching THE SHIELD season 4 on dvd, and tonight I came across something very strange on disc 3. the entire 3rd episode on the disc (the exnteded episode), and the "Previously on the Shield" segment on that segment were presented in 16:9. And they looked great. i got...