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    *** Official *** XBox 360 Hardware DISCUSSION Thread

    Doug, once you do go live, there are plenty of demos and trailers that are absolutely free to download. Sean
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    PSP Memory Question

    Here's the same card in stock: http://www.ecost.com/ecost/shop/deta...=email,ECOSTPG And if you have the money, definitely go for the 2GB. You pay a little more to get it in one chunk, but that's worth it if you ask me. Sean
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    Home Theater and Gaming: The XBox 360 brings it all together

    I don't think he meant that like you took it. It will be in the next-next-generation by default of practically no one being able display 1080p. So even if games are being output at 1080p, almost everyone will still be using 720p or 1080i. 1080p TV's won't be common place for several more years...
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    Different director for 4th Harry Potter movie Goblet of Fire

    Yep. Maybe what elves do isn't exactly apparition though.
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    Different director for 4th Harry Potter movie Goblet of Fire

    I thought that in the interviews over on leakycauldron that she entertained the idea of writing something like "Hogwarts, A History." Which would be bound to include a map. By no means is this anything official, but something along those lines is certainly not out of the question. Sean
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    PSP 2.0 Update released- Web Browser, AAC support and more! Woo!

    There is no backwards flashing. Sean
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    Need help setting up Mits RPTV as HTPC monitor.

    After reboot, did you disconnect the Samsung? You could give that a try. Sean
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    What happened to LCVG?

    Looking forward to the weekend when you return. Any idea what the virus was or where it came from? Sean
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    Halflife 2 and steam Uninstall

    If you have a way to make a backup before you move to the new computer, that would be your best option to avoid redownloading everything. Steam has a nice built in backup utility too. And all of your Steam info is saved with your login(games you have purchased), so none of that is lost. Sean
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    Star Wars game for PC - which one?

    I just got a Darth Vader skin I want to try out for Academy. But as I just wiped my computer, I don't have it installed right now. Sean Oh, and a Princess Leia one as well!
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    DVD's F/S ** 10 for $5 ea **

    Is Patton the 2-disc version or the re-released single disc? Sean
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    Guild Wars

    I would have to heartily disagree about the PVE(story driven section). I, and I know many, many others, haven't done any PVP stuff, yet, and still have an absolute blast with the game. Sean
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    Gran Turismo 4 has 1080i HD support!

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    Newbie with a Xbox/WEGA tv question

    Nick pretty much nailed it, but if your TV has High-Def, it is definitly worth it to get a component pack. Sean
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    Can anyone else NOT get HalfLife2 working?

    I've seen him a couple of times, but probably not nearly everytime. Sean