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    And you definitely shouldn't be intimidated by using the calibration discs. I don't know about Avia (never had it), but I've got Digital Video Essentials (and used the old Video Essentials before it), and the thing is extremely user-friendly. The first time through, there's a lot of extra stuff...
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    If real CSIs don't like the TV CSIs, then...

    Never mind.
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    Fate of Amazing Race?

    They're going to have an uphill ratings battle this fall, too, with the new Sunday time slot. They'll be scheduled opposite Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which is also a fairly family-friendly reality show, and is already entrenched as a Sunday habit for a lot of people. Add to that the...
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    Help me choose a superhero for dress-up party!

    I have a friend who did exactly that one Halloween, hitting the city's best costume shop the day of the party and collecting as much cheap crap as he could. Cracked everybody up. His utility belt contained a spatula, one Converse All-Star, and a rubber chicken.
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    Can anyone tell me about Tennessee?

    Technically, Louisville is nearly a whole state away, since it's on the Kentucky/Indiana border about 130 miles up I-65 from the Tennessee line. But I've lived in Louisville my whole life, and attended college in Bowling Green, KY (closer to Nashville), so I'd say the weather is comparable...
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    Emmy Nominations 2006

    Deadwood, I believe, falls outside the scope of this year's Emmy nomination period. Season 2 aired last spring, and Season 3 began this summer (using the showbiz definition of "summer" as Memorial Day to Labor Day, not the meteorological seasons). Meanwhile, the final season of Six Feet Under...
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    Superman Returns (2006)

    Overall, I liked the movie. Chalk me up as one of its supporters. One element I really liked was the matching of Lex's statement about prison--"In there, the greatest criminal mind the world has ever seen is worth less than a carton of cigarettes and a sharp piece of metal in your...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Crimson Tide (Extended Unrated) Recommended

    There's not a lot to the new cut, but some decent moments. SPOILER WARNINGS, OF COURSE: I believe there's a little extra at the beginning of the movie, in the scene where Ramsey (Hackman) introduces Hunter (Washington) to the other officers at the Naval base (I don't recall the TV interview...
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    DVD Covers that look alike

    I can't remember the name of it, but there's a direct-to-video flick that has a nearly identical cover to Ghost Ship's fairly creative ship/skull double-image.
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    Great Audio Commentaries

    I, too, love Ridley Scott commentaries and can't wait for Matchstick Men. I also like the Lord of the Rings commentaries, primarily the Jackson/Walsh/Boyens tracks and the cast tracks. For both movies released so far, they've recorded certain cast members together in ways that bring much...
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    The Littlest Groom

    This is the TV thread. You didn't wander in the wrong door again, did you, Malcolm? That can be dangerous, if it were, say, a public restroom. ;) I think the setup is that, at the beginning, all of the eligible bachelorette pool is made up of little women, but that there is an Average...
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    *** Official 2003 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    RE: CGI in Return of the King: In the Two Towers DVD commentary, Peter Jackson mentions that the aerial shots of the Dead Marshes were a happy find when he was flying out to shoot Beacons shots. I think the flames and the lonely guards and shacks on the mountaintops were probably digitally...
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    Please help identify movie

    And Martin Short as the body into which he was injected. I'm guessing that's what Scott's thinking of, as there is a fight between Quaid's character and the villain's henchman (the one with the detachable tools where his hand should be) inside the body.
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    The Aragorn "poster" from New Year's Day was actually an ad in the New York Times. They did it the last couple of years for the other two movies, and New Line wound up selling posters of the ads through their shop. I would expect that will turn out to be the case with this one, too, though I...
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    Led Zeppelin Remasters Question

    Given all this Zeppelin talk, I decided to give the first Boxed Set a spin. Put on Disc One last night, and I still feel "Whole Lotta Love" wasn't the right one to start the set. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Page sequenced the albums, but I think that was a misstep. The opening is a good kickoff, but...