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    disrupted cinema going experiences

    Sometime in the early 80s my Dad wanted to bring me to see 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' but I was far more interested in seeing a re-release of 'The Empire Strikes Back' which was playing elsewhere. After trying to persuade me to go see 'Raiders' several times he finally gave in and brought me to...
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    Movies You Wished You Had Waited 'Til You Were Older To See

    Saw 'Alien', 'The Thing' ( John Carpenter version ) and 'Creepshow' all before I was 10. Oddly enough, the only thing I remember being seriously freaked about was the monster in the box in 'Creepshow'. Actually, now that I come to think of it, the autopsy scene in 'The Thing' kind of...
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    20th Century Fox Ready to Target Canada for Bootlegs!

    Yes, what a bizarre comment indeed. Apparently I live in a third world country too...
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    The Aristocats 2-Disc SE - March 27th

    How typical. They WOULD wait until I bought the original release... :)
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    *** Official WAR OF THE WORLDS Discussion Thread

    When Ray says "This is something else", he's talking about the Martian ( they're from Mars as far as I'm concerned! )heat ray device. In reference to earlier comments about the invaders' ignorance of Earth bacteria, it's worth noting that in the original novel Wells' mentioned that after the...
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    The Tripods

    Season one can be found going cheap on www.sendit.com It's a region 0 release, but make sure your system can handle PAL. Season two is apparently held up due to rights - some film company now has an option on the books ( not sure which company or what the current status of the project is ).
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    Criterion to release Huston's 'Under the Volcano' & 'Robinson Crusoe on Mars' 2007

    Fantastic news about RCOM - haven't seen it for about 20 years.
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    Fistfull of Dynamite

    Kind of odd how the BBFC decided to cut a few seconds involving horses in 'FOD' when the scene of the horse falling down the steps is intact in 'Andrei Rublev'.
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    Disney's Robin Hood: Most Wanted Edition - 11/28/06!!

    I love this movie but I think I'll wait for the reviews and more information on the specs before I double dip. The alternate ending seems to be the only additional extra over what was on the original disc ( did the US version have the large art gallery that featured on the R2 edition? ). If this...
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    "The Quiet Earth" arrives on dvd!

    At least one print of this film has Api dubbed over with a bland, accentless voice ( Api is the tough Maori guy ). The region 2 DVD and tv screenings here have his original voice intact, but an old US videotape I've seen ( CBS Fox I think ) had the substituted voice. I assume this was done for...
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    Giant Monsters on film

    Now that Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' is about to hit DVD, what are everyone's favourite giant monster films? I'm talking about 'giant creature loose in the contemporary world' style flicks, so no films such as '7th Voyage of Sinbad' or 'Jason & The Argonauts' ( excellent as they may be ). My...
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    Sequels--the worst

    The Secret of NIMH 2. An awful, awful film. The original had superb animation, an excellent Jerry Goldsmith score, some great characters and a wonderful dark feel. The sequel was cheap, had horrid animation that was far too simplistic and bright, a sh*t score and a stupid comedy baddie who was...
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    DVD Security Tape is a Nightmare!

    I can't stand them either. Most DVDs sold here don't have them at all, so I'm not well practised at removing the buggers. The latest 'victim' was the R1 'King Kong', which now has some sticky residue on top and bottom. It's especially bad when a disc arrives from the US and you can hear it...
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    Akira Ifukube R.I.P.

    Japanese composer Akira Ifukube passed away yesterday at the age of 91. Along with Miklos Rosza, he was my all time favourite film composer. He provided the music for a vast number of films during his long career, notably dozens of Toho's sci-fi productions ( many Godzillas, The Mysterians...